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I've wanted to be one since I was 5, and my dad read this book to me...
Trailblazers map the ever-expanding universe, visit never before seen planets, and asks the people there to join the Unified Trading Commission.   Trailblazers are employed by organizations that are a part of the UTC. These organizations can be governments, corporations or smaller companies.   The Trailblazers employed from The Station are usually employed by Government of Reki, however there are some who are employed by the big companies that also have their HQs on The Station.  


In 501 when other space travelers noticed that The Station was inhabited again they all fell over themselves to broker trade and other agreements with the Station as it was conveniently located. This was good for the Dragons because Station-living without any outside aid was getting hard. However, it only took them a couple of months to realize that the help that they were giving others because of their agreements was used to colonize other planets. Since the Dragons had been chased from their own birth planet, they would not stand for it. The dragons put down their claws and demanded that all interactions with other planets should be done peacefully with discussions. The other Space Farers reluctantly agreed.   Trailblazing became an unofficial profession that later became an official profession when the Unified Trade Commission was established in 2989.  


The Trailblazers work in teams of at least 8 people. These people need to have different skill sets. They have to be an educated Medic, Cartographer, Engineer, Skipper or Diplomat. They should have worked at these professions before becoming a Trailblazer.


Around 2100 people work as Trailblazers on The Station. In the entire universe there is currently around 850 056 Trailblazers. Around 19% are female, 38% are male and 43% are of another gender.

Social Status

Among children and youngsters this profession holds a very high status. Among adults it depends partly on which company the Trailblazer works for, but it still has a pretty high status, but not as high as say a company director, a doctor, or a politician.  
Alternative names
Trailbreakers, Scouts and Vanguards
There will always be room for them
Mostly better than most professions


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