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To protect with force, to never give ground.
— Enforcer motto
  The Station's enforcers is controlled by the Government of Reki. The enforcers are The Stations military, their task is the defense of The Station from outside forces, but also from within. They are also supporting universal peacekeeping and providing aid in some war situations. They work in close relation with the Reki Police force whose job it is to keep everyone in the community on the straight an narrow and the Social services whose job it is to provide aid to those who need it.  


Like the Police force the Enforcers are modeled after the original view on parenthood by the Dragons. But unlike the police, the enforcers already existed. Though, in a slightly dissimilar form. They were just an unorganized group within the dragon community that protected the rest.  


To become an enforcer, a person must first have finished basic school and graduate from the Enforcer Academy. The minimum age requirement for entering the Academy is 18. The Academy is only a year long, but there is further education for those who want to rise in the ranks. They are also expected to have another education in their back pocket.   To enter the Academy, the person's eligibility will first be checked. They need to have had a Station citizenship for at least 18 years. A background check will also be run on the person. The person must take a couple of physical, psychological, and stress tests.   They must be very fit and have good endurance to pass the tests.


There are currently 89 874 people working as active enforcers on The Station and 15 581 enforcers are working on other planets or are currently on other space stations. There are currently no large scale active wars going on in close proximity to The Station, but there are several unrests. Well educated veteran groups of enforcers are currently surveying these places.   Around 72% of the Enforcers are dragons. The other 28% include all other species on the Station. 21% are female, 33% are male and 46% are of another gender. The salary is above average, but people are not expected to serve for a very long time. Enforcers are expected to retire after about 20-30 years of service, depending on species.

Social Status

Some kids still grow up fantasizing about becoming enforcers. But nowadays their parents will stear them away from becoming Enforcers. There has been a time of peace for a very long time so people do not think that it's necessary. Though, the kids who wanted to become Trailblazers but couldn't quite make it, usually go for the enforcers.


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