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Are you hurt? Do you need help? I can help. Well, I can at least try.
— Ash
Born in year 2986AR on The Station, Ash turned 41 a couple of months ago. Their species the Gossaer are from a planet called The Grove among it's people. There aren’t that many people from this planet living on The Station but those who do usually live in the Monochrome section which makes it appear like there are more of them living on The Station than there are.   Ash works as a Police officer in a Police Box which is also a strange choice of profession for a Gossaer. The stereotype is that the species usually prefers to work in arts, crafts, or entertainment industries.  


Ash has a lot of acquaintances and a childhood best friend. Their childhood friend, Ohki, owns a clothing boutique across from the police box where Elden works, so they still see each other regularly.   Ohki is the only person that they would currently consider their best friend. They feel protective over everyone in their area, though they feel extra protective over Dana. An innocent pink dragon that owns the yarn store across from the Police box where Ash works. Ash doesn't know how to feel about the person following Dana around, though. Lex seems off for some reason and obviously does not like Ash. They don't know why Lex doesn't like them and that also bugs them. There is something fishy going on there, and Ash wants to figure it out by joining Dana's ghost-hunting group.   Ash also views their siblings and cousins as their friends. Their oldest cousin, Blossom, is the same age as them, and the both of them talk often and hang out as often as the both of them can. Blossom, however, has a large family of their own and thus does not really have the time to hang out often. Ash regularly helps care for their cousin's kids so their cousin and her husband can take breaks.  
Place of birth
The Station
Current location
The Station


Ash is the oldest of 6 siblings and was expected to take care of their younger siblings early on. They did not mind that. They actually thrived while caring for others. They did, however, feel a bit neglected since their parents didn’t have time for them and expected them to take care of themself and the others in the family while they worked several jobs to make ends meet.   Ash still has good contact with their family and visits them regularly. However, none of their family knows that they are nonbinary and pansexual. They aren’t planning on telling their parents. Their parents immigrated from their native planet, and it’s not something that existed in their culture. This stops Ash from talking frankly with their family, which has made them feel awkward in their interactions with them. Their parents want them to marry and settle down with a big family as well, but they are not really interested in that. They enjoy being an uncle/aunt but do not really want to have any children of their own.      
They/them He/Him
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation


Ash is tall for a Gossaer, which makes them about the height of Dana. They have short curly light grey hair. Their ears are pointy, with a curve common for Gossaers. Their skin is medium dark and ashy, but not cool grey like the Krelins. Their eyes are mint green and small for a Gossaer.   While out of the uniform and while not spending time with their family when he has to wear a uniform or traditional wear. Ash likes wearing dress pants, a shirt, and a vest. The colors may vary as Ash has several different ones. Most of them, however, come in varying shades of grey and black. These clothes are weird to his family, and that's another reason why they don't want to wear them in their family's presence.   Being a Gossaer, Ash has delicate wings that look like butterfly wings. Ash's wings are orange, yellow, and purple. These wings are a magick manifestation and can not be used to fly.  


While Ash has a very social profession, they are an introvert. They prefer spending most of their free time alone to recharge. However, they do spend a lot of their free time checking up on their family and friends. Even though they should really be spending some time on themself.  
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Favorite food
Pipika salad with hot sauce
Favorite color


Ash enjoys reading, any type of book and genre, laying puzzles, watching drama content creators and cooking. They don’t really have any other interests. They do sometimes play racing games or other party games with friends, and they do enjoy them but they would not call it a hobby.  

In media

Ash is a side character in my VN Mastermind and a supporting character in my other VN that does not have a name yet.


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