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My glasses? Yeah, I very rarely take them off. I love them a lot, and bright lights hurt my eyes.
— Lex
Lex was born out in the wilderness of Areu. He did not know his parents or when he was born. He believes that he is somewhere between 25-40 years old. Around 21-23 years ago, he hitched a ride up to The Station. He met Dana 20 years ago in an abandoned part of The Station, and they have been inseparable ever since.  


Lex met his first friend 20 years ago. When he happened to run into Dana in an abandoned and creepy part of The Station, neither of them should've been there, but both of them were for different reasons that can not be disclosed in normal conversation. Before meeting Dana, he didn’t even know what a friend was...   He now has a lot of acquaintances but no close friends other than Dana. He has secrets to keep. He does encourage Dana to get other close friends. However, Dana isn't a fan of that. While Dana has a couple of friends outside their friendship with Lex, he thinks that Dana should get some more friends.   Lex more or less likes all the people that Dana interacts with on a daily basis, except one. Sure, Ash might be a police officer but Lex still doesn't trust them. They are up to something. Lex doesn't like the way that they are looking at Dana either. Or the way that Ash acts around Dana.      
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The Station


The only family that Lex has ever known is Dana. He was completely alone while roaming the planet of Areu, and he sometimes still wonders how he came to be. While he is far from normal, people just don't appear out of thin air.   Lex does not have any other family members and isn't planning on not getting any. Even though, in his heart of hearts he would want a big family of his own, he is not sure that he would be able to handle one.   Secrets are hard to juggle in the presence of family. At least in his view of family, where everyone is open and honest with each other. While he trusts Dana a lot, and they know many of Lex's secrets, they don't know all of them. Dana, though, has said that they don't mind that Lex is keeping secrets. Lex appreciates it, but it still makes him feel bad. He doesn't want to keep secrets from Dana, but it's for their own good. Since they like to put their nose in things that they really shouldn't.    
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Lex is tall for a dragon, he also has no horns and an average lenght on his pointed ears. His eyes are always hidden behind a pair of dark round glasses. When people meet him for the first time, they often mistake him for being blind. But he isn't. He explains them away as being for his light-sensitive eyes. He has no problems not wearing those glasses when only Dana is around, though...   The sides of Lex’s head are shaved, and the hair on the top of his head is longer. While dragon’s hair usually grows very fast, Lex seems to be able to keep it short all the time. He has dark burgundy hair and tan skin.   Lex enjoys wearing large fancy shoes, black or patterned tights, and large sweaters. If the sweaters have images, he usually wears plain tights; if the sweaters don't, he wears patterned tights. He also often wears scarves, hats, and other items that Dana has knitted for him. Lex has a large collection of knitted wear right now. Even a couple of knitted pants. Those were a gag gift, but Lex has worn them several times. He also wears an earring in his right ear. Dana got it for him.  
Below average
Very...which magicks are secret


Lex is an extrovert, but he gathers energy in more ways than one while interacting with other living beings. That’s why, even though he wants to interact with many people, he prefers to interact with only Dana. Since Dana knows his secret and consents to have their energy taken.  
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Lex enjoys laying puzzles, both physical and digital. He also likes eating food, reading thrillers, and playing puzzle adventure games on the Modi. Something he enjoys doing while resting is watching drama influencers and content creators.   He also views socializing with others and playing party games on the Modi as fun. He enjoys playing racing games with Dana.   Other than that, he also enjoys following Dana around, providing companionship and commentary.    

In media

Lex is a side character in my VN Mastermind and a supporting character in my other VN that does not have a name yet.


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