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Modi know...I have heard that some people view their modi as their girlfriend? Is that true, Kae? It's just a piece of technology, isn't it?
Modis are portable electronic devices used for entertainment and wireless communication created by the Kaose and are currently developed by the inhabitants on The Station.  


The modis are rectangular pieces of Ark glass that are mostly transparent. A small rectangular part in the glass is opaque. The rest of the glass is transparent while not in use. When the owner of the modi is looking at it the modi can detect their eyes, and the screen will appear for the owner. If another person is looking at the modi while the owner is looking at their screen, they will only see a an opaque screen with nothing visible. If a person is looking at the modi while the owner is not looking at it they will only see a transparent screen.  


They come in four standard sizes, which are:
Small: 6mm x 130mm x 70mm
Medium: 8mm x 160mm x 80mm
Large: 9mm x 250mm x 190mm
Extra Large: 12mm x 350mm x300mm
These sizes also have different capacities when it comes to speed, battery time, graphics, and so on.   They can also be custom-sized with custom capacities, but this is of course more expensive.  


The software and the hardware of the modis can be highly customizable depending on the company that the user purchase their modi from.   All modis have a camera, touch battery charging, an entertainment hub app, and the ability to use the high-speed local network connection. They all also include a hole at the bottom where straps, keychains, or other things can be hung to personalize the modi. They all also have animations on the major part of the modi that is transparent. These animations can be purchased from the company where the modi was bought or by third-party companies. There are also smaller companies that produce custom-made animations and straps.  


The device does not have any speakers. Which means that the owner has to purchase their own options of speakers. Either as headphones, in-ear pieces or speakers in different sizes. Some people purchase tiny speakers and hang them from the straps of the modi. Some only wear headphones while out and about and use their apartments sound system for the modi when they are at home.  


The hardware of the modis very rarely change and they are the same across the companies that sells them. What the technological companies mostly sells are updates and new versions or other extensions of the modi. One company, Peni AB, has currently released a new stylus for the modis that has great reviews from artists.  


There are many books as well as audio files about the history of the evolution of communication technology in the Library of The Station. When the Dragons arrived to the empty Station and settled they at first had no idea how to work these then silvery, opaque, and small devices. It took them a pretty long while to figure out what the modis were for and how they worked. When they had them figured out it didn't take them long to reproduce and develop them further.  


The modis are used a lot in everyday life on The Station. It is tough to get by without owning at least one modi. Around 76% of the population own at least two modis. The most common is to own one small or medium modi for use on the go as well as a large or extra large modi for home use. Rich people usually have ultra-large custom-sized modis installed on the walls of their apartments. Those who own two modis can use one of them as keyboards for their other modi. Which is a common reason for people to own two.   The modis are used for calling people, texting people, playing games, watching videos, creating videos, social media and many other things, but it's most important use is that it's the only device that can be used for IDing a person and to exchange money. If a person intends to go shopping at a store, visit a restaurant, give money to a friend or in some other way exchange money on The Station, they need a modi. There is no other way.   Restaurants have their own sites where visitors order before they enter the store, they can on most sites choose where to sit and even pay for their food before they enter the restaurant. Then the visitor just sits down at their table and wait for the food. Or just pick up the food and go home. Most restaurants on The Station also deliver food to apartments or other public places.   The grocery stores and general stores will also have their own sites where visitors can scan the items in the physical stores and when they leave the store the items are purchased. Just like the restaurants the items can be delivered.


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