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The Central Library

I'm going to the Central Library with my class tomorrow so I need credits or a lunch box.
— A kid to their parent before their class' 4 times a year Central Library visit
The Central Library is the only, excluding the school libraries, government owned library on The Station. It is open 24/7.   This library was the only Library that existed when the Dragons arrived on The Station. Now there exists a lot more of them. Some of the Libraries are privately owned while most of them are company owned. The Govermnet owns 37 school libraries.   The Library is located in the Monochrome section. The Monochrome section has 21 levels and the Library entrance is located on the top level in the middle of The Central Park under the sky dome. According to the common people this is the only entrance to the Library but this is not necessarily true. The Library stretches down until the bottom level of the Monochrome section and can thus be called the largest building in The Station.   The first floor contains the borrowing counter where books or devices which have been borrowed over a modi will be picked up. Visitors can also browse newly released physical books here and borrow them with their Modis. There are also about 20 study rooms that can be borrowed through the library’s site. There are also Librarians around that visitors can ask questions. The library also rents out modis for short term tourists, these are the cheapest modis to come by.   The other floors are not open to the common public. People will have to acquire access through The Library Board to visit them. For the second and third levels this is a quick and easy process through the library site. The second and third levels contain relatively new books. They were all penned since the dragons settled on The Station 2554 years ago. Some of them are really old, others only have a couple editions printed or they can have content that is not public knowledge or is controversial. The other levels contain books and digital information from the previous inhabitants and the creators of The Station. These levels are restricted to scholars and other people who have managed to obtain access from the Librarians.  


There are a lot of people working as Librarians on The Station. These people are even more secretive about their jobs than Police officers or Social workers are...


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