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It's a really useful can have the powder in anything, and it will be 10 times better than without it.
— An inhabitant
Ark is a material that can currently only be mined from 3 planets in the entire universe. The largest deposits have been found on the planet of Areu, the Planet that Reki is orbiting. Small deposits of Ark have also been found on Rant and Kasoun.   Ark is a source of Magick. Scientists have concluded that the magick gathered from Ark is not the same as Essence, which is another source of magick. The spells used for Ark can't be used for Essence or vice versa.  


Ark ore is mined from pits in the ground. Large parts of Areu consist of Ark ...and have been mined.


Ark is a lustrous metal that is ductile and malleable in its normal state. When it's empty of magick, it becomes a powder.

The material

Ark ore is used for magick or to build magical implements. The Station is built with Ark. The powder is used in food or in material that has to be sturdy or that is used for other magical matters. A popular use for the powder is in Ark windows.


The Dragons do not know much about the history of the material. They just know that it's mentioned in the books and the files of the Station. The old inhabitants knew about it and used it a lot.

Symbolic role

In many of the books at the Station the old inhabitants write about the material like it was the gift of their Gods. The dragons don't have the same reverence for it but still find it useful. Which still makes it important. Some of the current inhabitants still also revere it because the old inhabitants did.   Ark Powder is drunk in tea during ceremonies, and teacups made from Ark powder are considered better than other porcelain. There are also traditions related to the material.


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