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The Speaker

Ah, yes, it is like living in an aquarium. But I must've been a fish in a previous life, I don't mind it at all. *soft smile*
Jozean to an interviewer of the magazine Weekly Celeb.
The Vice President, or more commonly used; The Speaker, is a title of a position within the Government of Reki. This position is usually given to people who are charismatic, good at communication, handle pressure well, can be objective and do well with confrontation.   The newly formed Parliament picks candidates that the public gets to vote on. This usually includes the previous Speaker. The winner will accept or decline the position when the voting is done. It's a prestige title, meaning that winners usually accept if it is their first time getting the vote. Very few accept it the second time around. This is why now the Parliament asks the candidates before the voting begins.  


To even qualify for consideration by the Parliament the person in question has to:
  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Be a full citizen of Reki.
  • Have no blots in their police record.
  • Have finished school.
  • Already be a public figure.
  • Have the ability to be objective.

  • Duties

    As politicians are not public figures on Reki, the Speaker's duties involve speaking to the public about the policies of different parties. Talk about laws and policies that might be relevant and generally the liason between the government and the public. Also, between the government and other organizations that are either government-run, like the police, the military, the army, customs, and so on. Or partly government-run like, for example, transport and healthcare.   The duties also include political work and work with the parliament and the government, which is shared with their deputy, who has an actual political education.   Much is expected of this person, which means that it's a position that people usually only accept for one or two turns since it doesn't pay more than any other government position. The Speaker is also expected to live a squeaky clean life, and if they don't, they can be kicked quickly and be liable to pay large fees.  


    Most people who have been Speakers would say that there is none. They are very well known, which can be a double-edged sword. Many former Speakers have moved to other Planets where they are less well known to live their lives in relative peace doing a job that is still public but less demanding.   One benefit is that the Speaker can live in a big fancy apartment with a big private garden in a great neighborhood.  


    A Speaker has to be squeaky clean.   Only a couple of Speakers have so far been dismissed from their position. 3 people were found skimming money from the government in one way or another, One previous Speaker skirted many of their duties to party and left much work to their deputy and another cheated on his partners outside of their triad. All of them had to pay a large fee and give the public a good apology. In these apologies they are expected to say that they know that they were the ones who did wrong and why what they did was wrong.   These people had to leave the Station because of how they were treated by many of the inhabitants afterwards. They still had fans but many of their previous fans felt cheated like they were the ones they had actually harmed.   When information comes to light about a Speaker, the government contacts an investigation service from another planet that does an investigation. If the Speaker is found to have done what they have been accused of, they will be dismissed immediately without salary and asked to vacate the Speaker's apartment, if they are living there, within an orbit. If the Speaker is innocent, the accuser will instead be in trouble.


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