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Kadara Revolution

The Fahneska Independance

The Kadara Revolution was a period of civil and political unrest, during which the Fahneska people of the island of Kadara revolted against their Danatelian oppressors. The conflict ended in spring 282 CE, when the capital city of Kadara was claimed by the armies of General Da'gan.


Many factors must be considered while evaluating the origin of the revolution. A combination of social, economical and religious factors placed the Danatelian Lands in a precarious position- recent years of famine had lead many of the cities to turn on one another, hiring brigands and mercenaries to pillage the villages of their neighbours. The power of the Danatelian King Tribon Falawa the 3rd, who had sat on the throne for almost 62 years, was considerably weakened by the many scandals of his reign. The island of Kadara was not spared by the famines, but while their Danatelian rulers lived in wealth and indulged in debauchery it is the Fahneska people who starved in the streets of the cities.

Shino... Shino was killed. They murdered him. Kicked him until his ribs cracked... he was too scared to scream. All of this for a loaf of bread he hadn't even stolen.
— A broken Fahneska

When a Danatelian noble decided to beat a Fahneska child under the pretense of theft of personnal belongings, something snapped. A furious, unstoppable force decended on the noble and his guard, and they were torn to shreds before anyone could stop the enraged Fahneska. This event is what is officially considered as the start of the Kadara Revolution, and has since become a nation celebration.
Beginning of conflict: 281 CE

End of conflict: 281 CE

Locations: Kadara Island, Anhruul Sea

Leaders: Da'gan (Fahneska), Javier Albrahim (Danatelian)

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