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Anhruul Sea

Home of the Sun

And at the edge of the world, beyond where Anhruul sleeps, lays the house of Deïmon the Bright.
Saohri scripture, 23 I.A

The Anhruul Sea is a vast expanse of water which lines the Danatelian Lands. The Danatelians believe they came from the Anhruul Sea eons ago, after being chased out of the Sea of Dusk for disobeying their gods. The Danatelians have since lost their affinity for the open water, though they still make common use of the sea for trade, and it is present within many of their stories.


In the Danatelian Lands, most trade between the many coastal cities is done via the sea, as it is easier to transport vast quantities of merchandise by ship than it is by cart. Many boats also travel between Arda Almayed and the Principality of Bajou to bring back foreign and valuable goods to the mainland.

Naturally, having so many valuables sailing freely across the open sea have seduced more than one into a life of crime. Small rocky islands have become the favourite homes of outlaws and pirates, who hide and wait for a ship full of cargo to pounce and seize its goods, so they may turn a profit for themselves.

Further up north, along the coast of the Lands of the Wind, navigation is almost impossible due to the strong winds pushing the boats away from the coast. A few navigators have taken the time to travel along the nothern coast from a distance, in hopes of spotting cities or finding a passage through the roaring winds. But no cities have been seen, and so far the numerous attempts to reach the coast have been been met with little success.

Ruins and Monsters

Pirates are among the least dangerous things one can meet on the Anhruul Sea, if one is unlucky. Strange creatures lurk under the waters, their tails and claws scratching against the hulls. Powerful storms surge out of nowhere, as if summoned to wreak havoc, and parts of the seas are avoided for all who sail them disappear.

Baseikan ruins lay deep beneath the water, such as the Ruins of Chrysos. These once great cities, now destroyed, hold secrets and treasures many wish to acquire- but among them lies danger, and too much time spent near one of them will drive any sailor to madness.

"Now, young sailors, a final piece of wisdom. You catch the faintest sound of a bell or siren while we are out at sea, you do two things, and these two things only. You plug your ears, and you run to me."
— Captain of the Green Wind


Many islands line the Danatelian coast, most of them the homes of fishers and farmers. Here are some of the mote noteworthy in the Anrhuul Sea:

Principality of Bajou: Once an ancient colony of the Danatelian Lands, the Principality claimed its independence after the Revolution of Da'Gan in -517 I.A. For a long time citizens of the Principality would avoid Danatelian ships on open water, but in the last 50 years or so trade between the two nations has become more common.

Khipri: The farthest island known to the Danatelians. Its inhabitants are said to herd sheep, and to live in small villages- yet, whenever a Danatelian ship reaches their shore, they are always welcomed by gifts of gold and silver.

Pirate lairs: Many smaller rocky islands, once the home of simple fishers, have since become prolific lairs for pirates, criminals and outcasts alike. In Danatelian cities, many legends are told of burried treasure and mysterious islands.

Argus the Protector by Aijxjx

The Realm of Gods

The Danatelians believe that long ago, before they came to Arda Almayed, they lived among the gods in the Sea of Dusk. In the Age of Eternal Sun, mortals and gods shared their homes, living in a vast archipelago. But one day, the Danatelians commited Gaqs, and were banished from the realm of gods. Their homes were flooded and destroyed by the raging powers of nature, and they fled on their boats to Arda Almayed.

And when the Gaqmih fled the home of Deïmon, the sea rised up to the sky like a waterfall. Never would we be to return to our home, never but in death.
Saohri scripture

God of Sailors and Merchants

The Anhruul Sea is the domain of Argus the Protector, patron god of sailors, merchants, travelers and the like. It is he who rules over storms and the weather, and any ship wealthy enough to afford it will make sure to travel with a priest of Argus amongst their crew.

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