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Arda Almayed

The Promised Lands

At dawn, the crow spotted land. Ruins by the shore. It seems the gods may forgive us yet for ////// /// /////// // /////- we have found a new home.
— Old, damaged sailing log - ?? BCE.
The original Danatelians came from the seas. Little is known about them, for little has survived their time before Gaqs. They had to abandon their old home, expelled from the Sea of Dusk by their gods for a sin that cannot be remembered. Old history books from the 1st century CE claim that their ancestors sailed for years in search of a new home, with only the promise of their gods of Arda Almyed, the Promised Lands.


When our ancestors first arrived, the lands were bountiful and empty of life. The earth, plants and animals roamed free- here we had a whole world ripe for the taking.
— From "Origins of Danatelia", 255 CE

For most of Danatelian history, children were taught that their ancestors had arrived on empty land, and have lived in peace until savage and wild tribes from inland came to the shores to pillage and rob the First Cities. As most stories told by colonizers, it was not an accurate tale.

When the first Danatelians arrived to what they think of as Arda Almyed, these lands were inhabited by various groups of people. The Uluswa lived in most of the northern plaines, the Dolvareg and Dayiara inhabited the rolling hills and shimmering coastlands of what is now known as the Danatelian Lands, and the Fahneska lived on Kadara Island and its surrounding archipelago. All of these people faced a brutal repression and colonisation at the hands of the Danatelians during the the March of Blood, a decade of warring and massacres perpetrated by the Danatelians.

Those who lived on these lands were either assimilated (like the Dolvareg and Fahneska) or chased away (like the Dayiara and Uluswa), until the First Cities turned to warring against one another.
Geographic location: refers to the territory east of the Matdhü Chain and south of the Lands of the Wind.

Ruling organisation: Danatelian Lands

Cover image: by Mohammad Ali Berenji


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