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Lands of the Wind

The Nothern Shores of Arda Almyed

"Sir, I have a question. What exactly is north of Fort Argent? Do people even live there? And why don't we just extend our territory further north if no one is there to stop us?"
— Inquisitive student

North of the Danatelian Lands is a wide expanse of ungoverned land, made of hills and plains and filled with secrets. The Danatelians call this region the Lands of the Wind, as it the direction from which most of the winds that blow through Arda Almyed come from. This vast area has remained unpertured by the Danatelian Conquest and the millenias that followed, with only a few rare adventurers and explorers daring to venture within the unknown.


The Lands of the Wind are located north of the Danatelian Lands, along the coast of the Azure Sea. They are made up mostly of plains and rolling hills, with the occasional lake and river interrupting the flowing landscape. It is bordered by the Thunder Chains on the west, and the plains sometimes eat away at the mountains, digging in gorges and valleys. To the east are the roaring waves of the Azure Sea, throwing themselves at the high cliffs and low beaches of the continent. To the very north lays the mysterious Stone Forest, filled with mist and mystery.

Powerful winds blow across the hills and plains, sometimes strong enough to uproot trees and even send rocks flying. The first few attempts at exploring the region from the Danatelians were thwarted by winds so fericious they would send entire caravans flying away. This lead the Danatelians to believe the Lands of the Wind were the home of Aher the Green, and were not to be penetrated by simple mortals.

The town of Sequet, as the very south of the Lands of the Wind, serves as a base of operation for the many explorers who wish to venture into the unknown. These expeditions are only rarely funded by the Danatelian Lands- most often, they are the work of wealthy particulars or hopefuly entrepreurs. The Danatelian Lands do not seek to expand their territory, and most adventurers travel in search of Baseikan artefacts or other rare ressources.


A wide varriety of fauna inhabits the region. Barbary monkeys are one of the staple of the region, pushed by their curious and daring nature to come investigate these villages. Amongst the various predators, one could encounter jackals, sand cats or hyneas. Other prevalant mammals include antelopes, boars, rabbits, mongoose, rats... (for a more exhaustive list, check here). The region also welcomes a vast array of birds and reptiles.


The warm mediterranean climate of the Lands of the Wind welcomes a vast array of species. Wild bushes are trimed and grown by various groups of Amathafa, such as olive and almond trees. The most common types of trees across the region are cedars, and a few forests can be found to the south of the Lands of the Wind. The hills are decorated with a variety of bushes. A comprehensive list of the plants found in the region can be found here.

A note for DM's: creature types for the region should be desertic and/or coastal, but integrate whatever monster you wish to have. Monsters such as elementals and demons should be tied to interesting locations. Extra ideas for flora and fauna can be found here.


Despite the widespread idea that the Lands of the Wind are an empty and deserted region, a variety of ethnic groups inhabit the sunny plains and hills of the north. Danatelians know only of two, in very little detail, and little contact between these people has been had.

The Dayiara used to occupy the region now called the Danatelian Lands, but were displaced after the arrival of the Danatelians during the Danatelian Conquest. They fled to the hidden valleys of the north, and survived with the help of their Zare Masni. They appear as wildly caricaturised versions of themselves in a few ancient Saohri myths, but no contact has been had between the Dayiara and the Danatelians in over a thousand years.

It's a green hollow where a river sings
Clinging madly to the grasses with its rags
Of silver, where the sun, from the proud mountain,
Shines; it's a little valley, bubbling with sunlight.
Sleeper in the Valley, by Rimbaud

The other main denizens of the Lands of the Wind are the Uluswa, tribes of nomadic centaurs who live spread out among the rolling plains north of the Danatelian Lands. The Uluswa are a proud and strong people, who value freedom and bravery above all.

A long history of trade between the Uluswa and the recently small city of Sequet has existed for the last several hundred years, but beyond those who live in the borderlands the existence of the Uluswa has remained widely unknown. On rare occasions, groups of Uluswa can be spotted deeper within the Danatelian Lands, though they prefer to avoid the busy roads and villages.
by Dabir

Location: North of Arda Almyed

Names: Lands of the Wind (Danatelians), Ihkbak (Amathafa)

Climate: mediterranean, desertic

Ethnic Groups: Uluswa, Dayiara
Ethnicity | Dec 20, 2021

Secretive people from the Lands of the Wind.

Ethnicity | Jul 22, 2022
Settlement | Jul 24, 2023


For the Danatelians, the Lands of the Wind have long remained a place wrapped in supperstition and myth. Strong opposing winds made it difficult to sail along the nothern coast, and there was never any real desire to go explore the lands beyond. It is only recently that adventurers and explorers have started venturing out towards the north. Since the coming of magic, the Danatelian Lands have grown more prosperous, and this new age of wealth and technology has emboldened people to seek out new riches.

"Father, mother- I have decided to leave for the city of Sequet with some friends of mine. I promise I will write you often, and I promise I will come back with many riches. You will see- you'll live a life of comfort and rest when I return."
— Young adult to their parents

Baseikan Ruins

The Baseikans lived ages before the arrival of the Danatelians, and have left a lasting mark on the continent. Many of their ruins can be found across Arda Almyed, and this reality extends to the Land of the Winds. These ruins have menacing shapes, and are easily identifiable thanks to the strange and undeciphered markings found all over them.

Other Ruins

Several other kinds of ruins can be found across the Lands of the Winds. Traces of old Amathafa camps for instance, or vestiges of ancient villages destroyed by time. Closer to the Thunder Chains, it isn't rare to stumble upon the odd mountain folk construction. These ruins typically become the lair of some creature or another.

Arda Almayed

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Author's Notes

Done for now! I will probably add a section about myths at some point or another, I'm just feeling way too lazy rn. This is a problem for future me. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

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This is nicely painted with all the different aspects to it! I love the backstory with the caravans and how some try to explore these new (to themselves) lands with their inhabitants sinking in myths from lack of information. Concerning that, did the caravans enter the Lands of Wind during a terrible season or is a super strong wind a common thing around there?   With the abundance of details about the geography, it would feel awesome to have more places mentioned on the map. I could locate Fort Argent, but I had to guess the Stone Forest, Thunder chains, and Sequet. More labels would be super helpful for better placement of the stories.   I love the overall concept. It promises a lot of details — kind of similar to the centre of a spider web.

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