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Betrayal of Samara

How Magic Came to Be

Let me tell you the story of how magic came to be. It all starts with a lonely, sometimes desperate woman, who through cunning and intelligence manages to slip into the realm of gods, and into the heart of Samara the Enchantress. The mortal catches the goddess as she walks through her gardens, and comes up with a ruse to charm the Goddess.

She sits by a tree with her mandolin, caressing the strings, and sings a sweet lament. Her voice dances like crystal bells through the divine garden. Samara, intrigued by the mysterious sound, searches the source of the noise. Her eyes find the mortal, and her heart is struck by love- pity the heart of the Lover, for it is so easy to hurt.

The Goddess approaches the mortal, asking her about her song, and so the trap closes. The woman charms Samara, and the Goddess loves her as the Lover is meant to. Until one day, betrayal sullies the divine, and the mortal breaks the heart of the Goddess, stealing magic from her before her very eyes.

An abridged version of the Epic of the Magic-Bringer
The Betrayal of Samara is a section of the Epic of the Magic-Bringer which recounts how the mortal protagonist of the Epic manipulated the Goddess into giving her the keys to her chest, in which she kept the weaves of magic while she did not work on them.

While Samara slept, the mortal slipped into the Tapestry Room, key in hand. She unlocked the chest, and fled to the realm of mortals, so that they too could use the divine powers. The Goddess awoke alone, and was heartbroken when she saw her lover, half of her heart, had betrayed her so.

The Lover could not bare the weight of her shattered heart. She threw it to the waves, and it was lost to its tides. She then turned her now cold soul and wrath to the woman she once loved, and with her powers she took her revenge. No one would ever know her name, no one would ever remember her face. She would live as a ghost until she died, and not even in the memories of the people would she be able to survive.

Its been a few months since the event happened. Word has it, a mortal somehow stole magic from Samara the Enchantress herself, managing to slip into the Sea of Dusk. I'm not sure the story convinces me, but my mind is puzzled by the entire affair. What is for sure, is that our world will never be the same.
— Journal of Abelard Sattar
Samara Sleeps by Edmund Dulac

Epic of the Magic-Bringer

The Epic was written by a Nasbarin by the name of Thayadur Al'Jemel, one of the greatest poets of his era. He was a priest of both Samara the Enchantress and Kirïal the Silent, graced by both of them with great gifts and talents. He received the instruction to write the Epic from a vision from the Goddess, and the book is his interpretation of what dreams Samara sent to him.

The Epic itself is a long work, which spends most of its time detailing the various peripeteia the heroine has to go through to reach the realm of gods. She slays monsters, tricks lesser gods into according her their favour, steals from a dragon, all so she can make her way to Samara. The Epic culminates with the betrayal, and Samara's revenge.

Heart of the Goddess

The mention of the discarded heart of the Goddess has made way for many other legends, rumours of where it might've landed and the powers it would grant whoever might find it. Some claim the owner of the heart would be able to control the Goddess herself, while others think of it more as a catalyst that would allow one to harness magic to unimaginable lengths.

Whatever the truth may be, countless religious orders, cults and sects of all kinds and intentions, powerful wizards, organisations of all kinds have attempted to find the heart and claim it for themselves. The search started almost immediately after the publication of the Epic, and continues to this day.

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Author's Notes

Hey everyone! So, some of you might remember the "Birth of Magic" myth I wrote at the very beginning of SummerCamp. Well I decided to revamp it because I had to work on something else, and ended up rewriting the entire thing to the point I just deleted the old article and created a new one. I hope you enjoy the new version!

(Q, if you see this, I'm sorry I made you read through this again)

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Poor Samara :( Really interesting myth to explain the origins of magic, but I feel so bad for Samara. I like that a whole epic has been written about the mortal though.

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I do make Samara suffer a lot, poor goddess deserves better :') I'm glad you find the myth interesting!

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