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On The Edge of the Danatelian Lands

"I've never seen a town as strange as this one! Not a single door to be seen, and they're all just hanging out on roofs. Entire marketplace is up there- even the sheep and all!"
— Merchant returning from Sequet

The town of Sequet, often thought of as the "last Danatelian town", is located at the very North of the Danatelian Lands, right as the Lands of the Wind begin. It is a small but growing town, mostly inhabited by adventurers who use it as their base of operation in their venture to explore the mysteries of the Northern lands.

Odd and Old

The town of Sequet was not built by the Danatelians. Its existence predates their arrival entirely- its original inhabitants were likely chased from it as a result of the Danatelian conquest. It was since then abandonned, only to be reclaimed in the last hundred years by a wave of adventurers and merchants, seeking to make a name and fortune for themselves as explorers in the North.

The town of Sequet is built entirely of brick and stone, with buildings ranging from two to three stories high on average. The most distinctive feature of the town is its lack of doors and streets- all buildings are entered from the roof with the help of ladders, and most of the city life happens on the top of buildings. The absence of large doors and windows keeps the inside of the buildings fresh from the midday heat.

"So, city is divided into a few "neighbourhoods" so to speak. You got the main area where everyone lives, most buildings have been repaired and its pretty safe to walk around here- though you should still watch your step on the edge of town. Other half of the town is where we haven't really had time to delve in yet- its too old, too dangerous, and since we don't need to go there no one has really bothered."
— Veteran explorer briefing a new arrival.
Almost half of Tchequet has been repaired and relcaimed by immigrant population. The first artisans to arrive in the ruined city made a point of staying true to the strange and ancient architecture or the town; those who came after had little choice but to follow in their footsteps.

"Come, gather round- see the treasures brought back from mysterious and ancient ruins!"
— Adventurer

The town center is home to a variety of artisans, explorers, cooks and merchants. Markets are held bi-weekly on the roofs of the town, where adventurers and the like present the spoils of their excursions to interested merchants, and where farmers of the surrounding region come to sell their stocks.
by Albert Joseph Franke

Home of Adventurers

Most of the growing population in Sequet is comprised of adventurers, eager to go explore the mysteries of the Lands of the Wind. These explorers come from all backgrounds and origins, making Sequet one of the most multicultural cities of the Danatelian Lands.

These adventurers are also the city's main source of income. Merchants and historians gather from across the nation to buy and investigate what adventurers bring back from their expeditions, bringing in extra traffic to the town. Farmers no longer have to export their goods to larger cities, and craftsmen are able to develop their trade by selling wares to explorers all too willing to spend their newly acquired coin.

Abandonned Area

Some kind of weird ass creature beast has taken over part of the olden town. This is unknown to most inhabitants, as they haven't really begun approaching its territoy yet, but shit will start going down soon as sounds, smells and foottracks are all appearing. No clue what the creature is yet though, have to figure it out. probably some weird predator made weird by the Baseikan Crystals

Mysterious Underground

Beneath the town is an old system of caves and pockets of water, with what seem to be very ancient well built ruins with a high level of technology. Basically a lot to explore.

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I really like this interesting and ancient city! The whole design of it lacking doors and streets, with everything taking place on the streets, is fascinating. I know it's written that it helps with insulating and protecting from the midday heat, but I also can't help but to see it as a practical way of defense as well, especially if you can pull the ladders up behind you.   It's also fun to think about what this settlement is leading the world in -- is it leading the world in terms of location? Amount of adventurers? Or perhaps simply leading in the amount of buildings without doors xD   Lovely work, TC <3

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