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The March of Blood

during the conflict, the X were unprepared and underpowered against the iron and steel of the danatelians. they mostly used rocks, obsidian and in some rare occassions bronze, where the danatelians were armed to the teeth with catapults, swords, arrows, chainmail, etc   basically when the danatelians showed up on Arda Almyed they killed and conquered most of the thing. it was pretty ruthless, and different people recall the events differently

maybe i can have a short work down through like each main concerned culture? how the war is remembered by each group. like "version of events by danatelian historians" vs "version of events by the people who got conquered"   who were these people? bunch of different communities, common ethnic / cultural ancestor as the uluswa. the uluswa are the unconquered descendants, and the dolvareg are the descendants in conquered lands.   an almost mythical war resulting in the arrival of the recently displaced danatelians. they came and stole the lands of X, stole their goats and sheep, and either killed or made the X leave their lands under threat of death.   CONSEQUENCES The conquered X resolved to live as traveling traders and artists, no longer having any food or lands to call their own. some further assimilated into danatelian culture (creating yet another subculture), and those who set for the north created their own subculture (the uluswa)   the uluswa remember the events as a sort of "mythical event", as in they have a story about it (like a dark wind covered the land, burned crops, pushed them north, where only the light of the three suns and their righteous wind pushed back the dark wind with success). modern danatelians misunderstand the actual meaning / events of the myth, thinking the dark wind is the night rather than themselves.

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