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Ruins of Chrysos

Lost and forgotten, deep beneath the sea.

Deep beneath the surface, sleep the broken ruins of Chrysos, forgotten by all. The waters are dark, the light of the sun fighting its way to reach the sunken city. Life is scarce, and only monsters and deformed animals roam the deserted streets of a memory. What mysteries lie beneath the cold waters are best left alone.
— Opening lines of "Howls at Sea".


Founded by the Baseikans aeons past, the city was destroyed following a forgotten tragedy. How it landed deep beneath the surface, or where it was before that, remains a mystery. Very few people know of the city's presence, and they seek for ways to go explore its mysteries.

Sailors who have travelled the area have reported hearing a strange, low hum that echoes through the air. They claim it comes from below the waters, and some even swear they saw a faintly pulsing red light deep beneath the surface on a moonless night.

It- It was filling my head captain, I couldn't think about anything else. I just wanted to jump off and join it. I.. Please don't leave me alone.
— Lookout on a ship.

Some legends say entire crews jumping over board to join the hum, leaving their abandoned ships behind. Some tales go as far as to claim their souls come back to haunt the boats, transforming them into dreaded Ghost Ships, every sailor's nightmare.

Hums of the Abyss

At the source of the maddening siren, is a vestige of Baseikan technology. In the heart of the ruins, hidden in a temple destroyed by the ages, lies a huge and burning red crysal. Its jagged form stands in the middle of a room, rising high under a broken dome, faintly pulsing its menacing light as it hums in the darkness.
Location: Half a day travel from the city of Nissain, in the Azure Sea.

Depth: about 300 meters

Wildlife: Mutated creatures and monsters

A Dangerous Place

by Tors

Chaos Above

The seas above the ruins are dangerous to navigate. Violent storms rage on almost day and night, as if bound to the place itself. The winds blow furiously, tearing through sails and sometimes even boats, as gigantic waves rise and fall, crashing and swallowing whole any ship in its path.

Even the rare moments of peace are unsettling. The sea is still, all too still. Not a wave on the horizon, not a sound to be heard, not the faintest trace of wind. The silence is only broken by the deep hum, surging from below the boat, filling the air to the point of suffocation.

Ships will lie there, powerless, and the soft hum grows, burrowing itself in every sailor's head, until there remains nothing to do but join it at the bottom of the sea.

Monsters Below

Within the ruins themselves, lurk weird and dangerous creatures. Mutated by the strange energies that seem to be affecting the place, they have grown into big, sometimes titanic monsters that haunt the waters around. Every sailor dreads the idea of facing one of these beasts, for it is certain doom. In bars and taverns, stories and tales of these monsters are common currency, as the sailors sit down and drink away their worries.

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Author's Notes

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