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The Spring of Dissent

In the spring of 1970, a spirit of rebellion took hold on college campuses across the US. Many student groups banned together as part of the Spring of Dissent. These protests are remembered for violent and bloody clashes with the police and national guard at Kent State and Ohio State universities, and many other colleges across the United States.    But their secret impact may never come to light.    A student uprising of demonstrations spread across campuses in New England, the Midwest, and California, with crowds speaking out against injustice. While these protests confronted many issues - from war to inequality - the chants of these young scholars echoed much farther and deeper than any may have realized. And while the backlash from authority was well-publicized, some strange and unexplainable events connected to this brief time of rebellion remain buried.    Perhaps because the powers that be have vehemently denied they ever occurred. Or perhaps because those directly involved have chosen discretion as the better part of valor. Only a scant few individuals know that there were creatures afoot during those riots that were not of this world. Things with iron boots, and bright red caps, who hid in the shadows and waited for their moment to strike. Things that only pretended to be human.     By the summer of 1974, the wounds left by the Spring of Dissent have still not entirely healed. Many of those former college students are still deeply mistrustful of authorities. Some of the police and National Guard members are haunted by what happened - and how they were involved. And a few are scarred by things they saw through the smoke of tear gas, things which could not possibly be. Things which return in their nightmares, but which they have never spoken about - because who would believe them?    But these few souls know that when rage and antipathy threatens to consume a crowd, there are immortal monsters poised to creep out of the pages of some dark fairytale, ready and waiting to stoke the flames of violence.
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