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Roccan War of Independence

The Roccan War of Independence was a conflict fought between the Roccan Resistance and Minamar Specialized Industries (MSI) on the planet Nogg from 2189-2190 CE. The war was fought over the independence of the Roccan species, with MSI attempting to maintain their hold on the planet, its resources, and its population. The war was devastating, with a third of the planet damaged, and over a billion Rocs killed, the majority of which were civilians. In the end, the Roccan Resistance was able to unite their planet and eject MSI from the Nog-Rasset System, while also reverse-engineering technology to achieve FTL travel.

The Conflict


Minamar Specialized Industries arrived on Nogg in 2166 CE, and quickly established themselves all over the planet. As the scale of their 'labour acquisition' operations became known to the Rocs, various small-scale rebel and militia groups sprang up to oppose MSI and who they viewed as Roccan collaborators. While at first these attacks were limited to a small scale, they soon escalated. In 2189 CE, the "Roccan Unity Front" destroyed an MSI corvette that was docked planetside via suicide bombing.

Infuriated by such a large loss, MSI supervisors ordered multiple nuclear strikes on the cities that the attackers were suspected to be from. This mass atrocity, estimated to have killed upwards of 30 million Rocs, galvanised support in favour of the militant opposition. In secret, many collaborator governments began contacting resistance movements in order to create a more unified opposition to MSI. On 7 August, 2189 CE, the myriad anti-MSI factions of Nogg formalised the Roccan Resistance, and began preparations for a conventional war against their occupiers.

However, the sudden alienation of the collaborator governments after the bombing did not go unnoticed. MSI supervisors accelerated their labour acquisition operations, specifically targeting Rocs viewed as acceptable for military service. These battle thralls were implanted with neural implants to force their subservience, and bomb collars when implants failed.


Roccan Resistance forces were initially a mix of conventional armies, rebel cells, privately funded militias, citizen volunteers, and escaped slaves. However, they were quickly standardised by the national governments of the Resistance, with simple body armour and service rifles. Large factories were constructed underground, shielded from MSI scanners with reverse-engineered cloaking technology. From these factories, infantry weapons, armoured fighting vehicles, and combat aircraft were mass produced. In addition, most national governments began conscripting anyone of military age to serve in their armies. In total, over two hundred million Rocs would serve in the Resistance in some capacity over the course of the war.

Compared to the nearly ten billion Rocs on Nogg, there were only approximately half a million Olinbars in the system. To compensate for their 20,000:1 numbers disadvantage, MSI relied heavily on their superior technology and heavily-armed spacecraft. Their headquarters, the Customer Fulfilment Center, was one of the most heavily armed spacecraft in the galaxy at the time, and they would utilise it to its fullest extent. In addition, over twenty million Rocs were made into battle thralls, implanted with cognition-altering devices to ensure their compliance.

The Engagement

The opening battle of the war began on 2 October, 2189 CE, when MSI labour acquisition units were prevented from departing the planet by local Roccan security forces. A scuffle broke out, and a Roc officer was shot by an Olinbar. Moments later, the local security forces opened fire on the Olinbars, killing all but three, who they took prisoner, and one who escaped into a nearby warehouse and informed MSI headquarters. In retaliation, MSI dispatched several strike craft armed with nuclear missiles to destroy the city. However, these vessels were intercepted and shot down by Roccan Resistance atmospheric fighters, and the nuclear missiles salvaged.

Skirmishes began to break out across the planet in mid-October, and bombings of noncombatant Olinbars by Rocs increased. With much of the planet in apparent revolt, MSI deployed their slave armies, armed with advanced weapons and supervised by Olinbars, to suppress the rebellion and restore order. A complete planetary bombardment was considered, but the investment already put into Nogg and the Rocs was determined to be too high to simply destroy.

Field battles commenced towards the middle of November, with the slave armies of MSI taking the early advantage. Any Roccan prisoners were given neural implants and added to the slave armies, increasing their size as the Resistance lost soldiers. Soon, the Roccan Resistance learned to avoid engaging in pitched battles, and began an asymmetric campaign of hit-and-run and guerilla warfare, as well as conventional battles where they had a significant force concentration. However, there were many instances in which a large Resistance force concentration was detected by MSI satellites, and destroyed via nuclear weapons, causing hundreds of thousands or even millions of casualties.

Towards the latter half of the war, in February of 2190 CE, MSI began deploying hired mercenaries to supplement their slave armies. Although few in number, these high skilled soldiers were able to cut through even larger Roccan formations. The sight of the mercenary biped walkers became feared by Roccan troops, but they pressed on nonetheless. By April, the majority of MSI forces had been repelled from the surface of Nogg, save for the largest city on the world. A brutal urban battle began, which razed most of the city over the course of the following two months, causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. When the city was finally taken, and the last MSI forces retreated to orbit, the Roccan Resistance soon faced a new, much more serious problem.

On 8 July, 2190 CE, MSI warships began a systematic orbital bombardment of Nogg, employing heavy use of nuclear weapons. They announced to the population that the bombardment would continue until either the Roccan Resistance surrendered, or the planet was reduced into a lifeless tomb world. Despite the bombardment, Olinbar raiding teams continued abducting as many Rocs as they could before their settlements were destroyed. Many of these abduction shuttles were shot down or delayed long enough to be wiped out by nuclear bombardment, but millions of Rocs were still enslaved.

Two weeks after the beginning of the bombardment, Resistance leaders enacted a desperate plan to save their world and species. The majority of remaining aviation assets were employed to cause an MSI frigate to crash-land in a pre-prepared zone, and the crew was allowed to conduct enough emergency repairs to get the ship online. However, Resistance forces waited for confirmation that the ship was operational, then stormed it and massacred much of the crew, seizing control of the vessel. A battalion of the most elite Resistance commandos proceeded to activate the ship's cloaking device and fly it into space, directly to the MSI Enlightenment Vessel. Using the frigate's IFF, they were able to land within the Enlightenment Vessel.

Once onboard the Enlightenement Vessel, they disembarked the frigate and were able to hack into the ship's security systems. The commandos disabled communications, and allowed themselves direct access to the bridge. They eliminated the bridge crew, then began firing on the MSI fleet. Unable to match the Enlightenment Vessel's firepower, the fleet retreated, but not before inflicting critical damage to the hijacked vessel. Most of the commandos were able to retreat off the ship, but a number stayed behind to stabilise the ship's reactor and limit the damage caused in the inevitable explosion. With all MSI forces having retreated from the Nog-Rasset System, the Roccan Resistance had won the war.


Although no formal treaty was signed, the rapid departure of Minamar Specialized Industries from Nogg left the Roccan Resistance as the clear victor. Despite the devastation wrought to the planet, especially during the closing days of the war, the Rocs had achieved a significant victory over a vastly superior opponent.

In the immediate weeks and months after the war's conclusion, many collaborators were hunted down by both Resistance authorities and individuals determined to take the law into their own hands. Although many expected swift trials that served more as catharsis than justice, the egalitarian principles of the Roccan Resistance meant that fair trials were held. Collaborators were allowed to explain their actions and advocate for their innocence, but while several prominent collaborators were pardoned, most were either jailed or executed.

The issue of battle thralls became difficult to resolve. Over twenty million Rocs were impressed into MSI service as slave-soldiers, fitting with neural implants or bomb collars to ensure their compliance. While the devices were simple to remove in theory, many were booby-trapped by the fleeing Olinbars, and thousands of freed slaves were killed when their collars or implants were detonated after being tampered with.

Although collaborator Rocs were given fair trials, captured Olinbars and alien mercenaries were not afforded such rights. The military government of the Roccan Resistance decreed that all non-Rocs present on Nogg, save for the extremely limited few that were defectors, were to be tried as enemy combatants and terrorists. Without the presence of MSI to advocate for them, the prisoners of war received either lifetime in prison or the death penalty.


After MSI fled the Nog-Rasset System, a wave of unity swept across the population of Nogg. The Roccan Resistance was formalised as the sole government of the planet and was charged with the destruction of MSI, regardless of how long that would eventually take. Although the Resistance had operated as an emergency provisional government during the war, the egalitarian beliefs of the Roccan people meant that an autocratic, or even oligarchic form of government was unacceptable. As such, shortly after the war, elections were held to elect a Chief of the Roccan Resistance.

After months of high-intensity war and orbital bombardment, much of Nogg was in ruins. However, Roccan scientists were able to reverse-engineer large amounts of MSI technology, which greatly increased the speed of rebuilding. It would take until 2201 CE for the hyper drive onboard a recovered MSI frigate to be reverse-engineered, but in the intervening period, a small number of extraplanetary expeditions were undertaken.

The debris created by the destruction of parts of the MSI fleet, satellites, and the Enlightenment Vessel created a significant navigation hazard in Nogg's orbit. Cleanup efforts lasted until 2206 CE, but the majority was cleared before 2199 CE. After reconnaissance flights were carried out to ensure no remnants of MSI forces remained in-system, the Roccan Resistance occupied the stellar outpost in orbit of the system primary, and began constructing mining and research facilities deeper in the Nog-Rasset System.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2189 CE
Ending Date
2190 CE
Conflict Result
Decisive Roccan Victory


Roccan Resistance
Minamar Specialized Industries


200 million+
500,000 Olinbar
120,000 mercenaries
20 million+ Roc battle thralls
1 Enlightenment Vessel
24 corvettes
14 frigates
7 destroyers
2 cruisers


80 million+ military casualties
1 billion+ civilian casualties
One-third of Nogg devastated
140,000 Olinbar
18,000 mercenaries
15 million+ Roc battle thralls
1 Enlightenment Vessel
9 corvettes
5 frigates
3 destroyers
1 cruiser


Remove Minamar Specialized Industries from Nogg
Maintain control of Nogg


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