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Frigates are a class of space ship primarily intended for space warfare purposes. They are a variation of the corvette class, developed after the advent of space torpedoes. Compared to their progenitor, they are slightly larger and more heavily armoured, but lack the corvette's advanced engine systems. Their main armament is torpedoes, which are intended for use against the largest capital ships after their escorts have been neutralised. Most frigate designs also include smaller weapons designed for defensive purposes. Many interstellar nations outfit their frigates with cloaking technology, allowing them to sneak within an escort perimeter to deliver devastating attacks.

The most common variant of frigate is the "Torpedo" configuration. As the name suggests, they are armed with standard short-range space torpedoes for close-up anti-capital ship duties. A less-used frigate configuration is the "Energy Torpedo". These frigates are armed with the newer proton and neutron energy torpedoes, which have a substantially longer range than explosive torpedoes. As this technology is still new, few fleets operate these ships.
Usually 175-300m
Complement / Crew
50-250 crew


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