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Roccan Resistance

The Roccan Resistance is an interstellar government organised as a military commissariat. Its capital is the arid world of Nogg, located in the Nog-Rasset System, where the avian Rocs evolved. The population of the Roccan Resistance is notable for its strong belief in fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the use of military force to defend or spread those freedoms. The Roccan Resistance is ruled by a a Chief, who is elected by the eligible citizen population. Citizenship in the Roccan Resistance is primarily granted through military or civil service, and many Rocs are proud to do so. A strong sense of national pride permeates the society, following their hard-fought victory over Minamar Specialized Industries in 2190 CE. Diplomatically, the Roccan Resistance specifically seeks to defeat MSI permanently, both military and diplomatically. When conducting diplomacy with other nations, they get along with fellow democracies well, but are more than willing to use military force to liberate the population of autocracies.


Prior to 2166 CE, the Rocs were a fairly standard Early Space Age pre-FTL civilisation. Their homeworld of Nogg was divided between various nation-states, the atom had been split, and expeditions to low orbit had been undertaken. On 14 March, 2166 CE (UNE Standard Calendar), a signal was received by deep-space radio telescopes on multiple frequencies. Surprisingly to researchers, it appeared to be a broadcast in multiple languages native to Nogg, reading "Congratulations! Your civilization has been selected. Enlightenment may not be free, but at MSI, it's always worth the cost". This clear indication of alien life was presented to the various governments of Nogg, who realised that a coverup of the scale necessary to hide this message was untenable. As such, the confirmed existence of alien life was announced two days later, on 16 March.

Several weeks passed until the next message was received from the aliens. This time, it was sent directly to the leaders of the most powerful nations of Nogg, explaining to them the terms of their upcoming enlightenment. A spacefaring corporation named Minamar Specialized Industries would provide advanced technology and knowledge, as well as ending illness, in exchange for the Rocs becoming an ally to MSI once they had achieved FTL travel, as well as "repayment" to be made in installments. MSI had noted the Rocs strong aptitude for engineering, as well as their propensity for quickly learning and ingenuity, and stated they would design fine starships once enlightened.

On 15 June, 2166 CE, an MSI Enlighenment Vessel appeared above the largest city on Nogg. The people of the planet had been informed of the deal to be made with the corporation, and largely agreed with it. As such, when the delegation from MSI landed and the first Olinbars set foot on the surface of Nogg, they were greeted by an international group of many of the planet's leaders. The deal was quickly signed, and despite some reservations from parts of the population, the agreement between the Rocs and MSI went into force that same day.

True to their word, MSI began setting up gene clinics across the planet. Within a decade, the worst of the diseases afflicting the Roccans had been eliminated. While some nations had resisted the initial agreement, they were eventually brought into line. Later disclosures revealed that MSI had used both diplomatic pressure and espionage in order to secure their involvement, including a number of high-profile assassinations attributed to other sources. However, while MSI had greatly increased the standard of living on Nogg, they began to demand repayment as per the fine print and nebulous wording. This was in the form of workers - indentured servants - who would be transported by the millions to MSI territory.

While the governments of the planet tried to cover up the disappearances, in 2185 CE, word leaked to the press, and the true scale of MSI's operation was unveiled. Tens of millions of Rocs had been forcibly taken offworld to act as slaves for their new corporate overlord. Mass protests and popular revolutions brought down over a dozen governments, and many began taking matters into their own hands to fight who they now considered invaders. At first, this was limited to acts of terrorism against gene clinics, enlightenment centres, and other MSI property, but eventually expanded to who they considered collaborators.

In 2189 CE, in retaliation for the bombing of a corvette, MSI warships deployed nuclear weapons on several Roccan cities. Instead of causing the Rocs to surrender to fear, it instead galvanised them with a defiant sense of unity, and the Roccan Resistance was created from a number of rebel cells, sympathetic governments, private militias, and escaped slaves. MSI deployed enforcement units on the planet, but those quickly became engaged in running battles with Roccan units. Although the Olinbars had superior technology, the Rocs were able to defeat them with greater numbers (and far greater casualties), and reverse engineer their technology.

As the battle for Nogg escalated, MSI deployed indiscriminate bombardment against Roccan civilians, causing hundreds of millions of casualties. During the final days of the war, an elite Roccan commando unit infiltrated the Enlightenment Vessel over Nogg and were able to commandeer the vessel. They engaged the MSI fleet, destroying several warships and forcing the rest to retreat. During the engagement, the Enlightenment Vessel suffered significant damage, and was partially destroyed.

Although Minamar Specialized Industries had departed the Nog-Rasset System, much of Nogg was still in ruins. The Roccan Resistance continued in its role as a global government, electing a Chief on a 10-year term to lead them. Efforts were made to rebuild the planet, but orbital debris prevented easy access to space. However, significant amounts of alien technology had been left behind, including the gene clinics, and reverse-engineering them led to the discovery of the hyperdrive and the establishment of a starbase in orbit of the system primary.
Founding Date
2189 CE
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories
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Both victims of Minamar Specialized Industries, the Roccan Resistance and the Free Peoples of the Fall share the same struggle and similar values. They are also both members of the Interstellar Concord.


The UNE and Roccan Resistance have a long history of partnership, and are both founding members of the Interstellar Concord.



The Roccan Resistance wants payback against MSI for invading their homeworld.


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