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Maweer Caretakers

The Maweer Caretakers are an interstellar government organised as an irenic dictatorship. Its capital is the tropical world of The Garden, located in the Maweer System, where the plantoid Maweer evolved. The population of the Maweer Caretakers are known for their wisdom and pacifism, but also their suspicion of outsiders. The Maweer Caretakers are ruled by a Life-Giver, who is elected for life. Unlike many other species, the Maweer never developed urbanisation; instead, they live in small agricultural communities dotted around their homeworld. Their specialty is in terraforming, and they have managed to transform their homeworld into a gaia world. Diplomatically, the Maweer Caretakers interact little with the rest of the galaxy, preferring to remain as isolated as possible.
Geopolitical, Republic
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Mixed economy
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