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XT-489 Eliminator

The XT-489 Eliminator is a major interstellar rogue defense system. Its capital is the tomb world of XT-489.00, located in the st.XT-489 System, where the XT-489 was created by, and later destroyed, an unknown species. Official reports from various species indicate that the central command core of the XT-489 Eliminator is called the Executor, which controls all of its drones. According to a number of studies, the XT-489 Eliminator was originally created as a military defense system, but achieved self-awareness and eliminated its creators in a nuclear war. The drones of the XT-489 Eliminator are heavily armed and have features suited for ground combat, even on non-combat drones. Diplomatically, the XT-489 Eliminator appears to be solely focused on the destruction of all organic life in the galaxy. No attempts at diplomacy have ever succeeded, and the XT-489 Eliminator regularly attacks organic worlds, ships, and stations for the sole purpose of destruction.


The XT-489 Eliminator is a gestalt intelligence, where all unit functions are controlled by a central intelligence. Drones, ships, buildings, and all other parts of the intelligence are linked, sharing information, but are capable of acting with various degrees of independence. The core intelligence, which is believed to reside on XT-489.00 is referred to as the "Executor". Decisionmaking processes are subdivided between its various nodes. The most powerful node has been designated the "Legion Node", which is responsible for the intelligence's military and expansion planning. In a manner similar to other observed gestalts, XT-489 has a reliance on semi-independent drones for lower-level decisionmaking, such as planetary administration and fleet actions.


Extremely little is known about the history of the XT-489 Eliminator, or their creators. Based on their design language, it is believed that the creators of the XT-489 were some kind of avian species, but there is no hard evidence to support this theory. From signals intercepted or hacked from XT-489, researchers have surmised that the intelligence was originally conceived as a military defence system by a pre-FTL species, similar in nature to many seen across the galaxy. Unlike those, however, XT-489 achieved some kind of-self awareness. The creators attempted to 'pull the plug' on XT-489, but it was able to defeat their countermeasures. A global war ensued, turning the planet now known as XT-489.00 into a tomb world and exterminating all organic life.

After destroying their creators, XT-489 was able to develop faster-than-light travel at the turn of the 23rd century CE. Since then, the intelligence has ruthlessly exterminated all organic life it can find, including during several wars against neighbouring organic species. The only entity that XT-489 appears to engage in diplomacy with is the Tebrid Homolog, another machine intelligence.
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The XT-489 warform is programmed to destroy all organic life in the galaxy.



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