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Hazbuzan Syndicate

The Hazbuzan Syndicate is an interstellar government organised as a criminal syndicate. Its capital is the savanna world of Zumaka, located in the Buzbuznol System, where the reptilian Hazbuzi evolved. The population of the Hazbuzan Syndicate is notable for its strong militarism, as well as its unique corporate spiritualism. The Hazbuzan Syndicate's ruling elites select a Chief Executive to represent the corporation every twenty years. The Syndicate has been argued by many as the largest criminal organisation in the galaxy, with extensive links to organised crime across hundreds of worlds. They also make extensive use of franchising, exchanging their brand licenses for profit sharing agreements. Diplomatically, the Hazbuzan Syndicate has few allies, relying on its underhanded (often criminal) commercial tactics to acquire wealth. When those fail, it often seizes wealth or resources from militarily weak opponents.
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