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Tzynn Empire

The Tzynn Empire is a major interstellar government organised as a star empire. Its capital is Tzynnia, located in the Sal'Tzynn System. The primary population are Tzynn, who evolved on Tzynnia, achieving global unification in 1754 CE (Earth calendar). The population of the Tzynn Empire is notable for its highly structured, hierarchical society that emphasises order and martial prowess. Much of the political power within the Empire rests with a number of slaver guilds. In addition, a large police force heavily monitors the citizens of the Empire, quashing any traces of dissent. Diplomatically, the Tzynn Empire regularly conducts campaigns of conquest in order to secure steady supplies of slaves, generally attacking smaller, diplomatically isolated nations.



The history of the Tzynn Empire begins on Tzynnia, in the early 1700s CE. The world was divided between numerous nations, kingdoms, warlords, and other governments. In one such warlord's domain, a young Tzynn named Hask'Mezak was conscripted as a soldier from a nondescript village. However, his remarkable ability to command loyalty from those around him soon became apparent. Official Tzynn history claims that the warlord Hask'Mezak served stepped down in recognition of the young warrior's skills, but some suppressed documents from the time claim that he came to power in a coup d'etat. By the age of sixteen, Hask'Mezak had assumed control of a petty warlord kingdom and the absolute loyalty of its population, and began expanding.


Compared to the conscripted and mercenary armies of Hask'Mezak's neighbours, his forces fought with a fanatic zeal that caused enemies many times their size to crumble and flee. In addition, Hask'Mezak spent considerable time both learning and instructing his generals on military theory and logistics, allowing his armies to operate far from home independently, and with competent command. When his armies came to an enemy settlement, they offered the ruling elites a choice: they could either serve Hask'Mezak, or be destroyed. After news of settlements that had resisted were wiped out, save for a single survivor to carry the news, many potential enemies instead fell in line.

Against larger states, however, Hask'Mezak instead employed symmetric warfare. However, a key part of Hask'Mezak's ultimate victory was that he did not radically upend existing social structures when he came across them. Instead, he reinforced them, creating rigid hierarchies that gave cause for ruling elites and the military to maintain his order, rather than oppose it. In less than three decades after he became a warlord, Hask'Mezak was crowned the first Emperor of the Tzynn. The myriad regional armies were standardised into the Imperial Tzynn Army, and the planet was united for the first time in its history.

The Tzynn Empire

Emperor Hask'Mezak continued to rule for another four decades, until passing away in 1796 CE at the age of 84. The creation of a fanatically loyal Imperial Guard, as well as the converting of the Imperial Tzynn Army into an internal security force ensured the stability of the Empire. The Empire's elites were granted immense privileges, such as wealth, land, and vast numbers of slaves, in return for their loyalty to the state. This hierarchical system furthered the stability of the Tzynn Empire throughout its industrial age and beyond.

The first Tzynn Empress, Torba'Kari, oversaw the development of atomic weapons and the first spaceflight undertaken by a Tzynn in the late 1990s CE. Unlike many other societies, the institution of slavery continued on Tzynnia well after its industrial age. Slaver guilds became a driving force in the Empire's politics, nearly equivalent to the military in political power. Although the Empire had always been something of a police state, it wasn't until the early 21st century that computing technology allowed its government to truly become one. The Ministry of Imperial Security was formed in 2037 CE, and continues to be one of the most powerful forces in the Empire to this day.


Imperial exploration into the Sal'Tzynn System continued into the 21st and 22nd centuries CE, with colonies being established on other planets in the system. In order to police the space around Tzynnia (and allegedly due to an imagined alien incursion), the Imperial Tzynn Starfleet was formed in 2086 CE.

In 2190 CE, Imperial scientists discovered the dimension of subspace, and several years later, hyper lanes. By 2200 CE, the first exploration vessel had been constructed, and was sent through a hyperlane with a manned crew.
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