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Tzynnia is a habitable desert world, notable for being the homeworld of the Tzynn and the capital of the Tzynn Empire. The planet is covered by a dune desert, and pockmarked with disconnected liquid water seas, as well as millions of smaller oases and underground water reservoirs. Precipitation is scarce on the planet, and the largest urban areas are built close to large water sources. Despite a scarcity of water, there are numerous biomes across the planet, both close to surface water and in the dry deserts and rock features. Much of the planet is covered by urban sprawl, and is host to a population of approximately thirteen billion. The population is primarily Tzynn, but there are sizable numbers of xeno slaves present as well. A large orbital ring was constructed around the planet in the 2330s CE, which now serves as additional habitation, shipyards, and planetary defences.

The population of Tzynnia is primarily concentrated in cities around major water sources, such as the Gleaming Sea in the northern hemisphere, around which the capital city of Ka'Mezak is built. The planet is specialised in primary industry, especially mining and energy generation. Gargantuan mines and massive fields of solar panels cover the planet's deserts, far away from the oasis-based urban society. Many of these mines and power plants are worked by slaves, both Tzynn and xeno. In addition, significant parts of the planet are set aside for military training and testing grounds, and fortifications can be found around most inhabited areas.

Although Tzynnia is ruled directly by the Emperor of the Tzynn, a planetary governor is appointed to oversee day-to-day operations. It is their responsibility to ensure the planet runs smoothly, and they do so from the Imperial Palace in Ka'Mezak. The planet is primarily defended by the Imperial Tzynn Army, but internal security is overseen by the Ministry of Imperial Security, which operates a significant police and military police presence on Tzynnia.
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