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Subspace is best described as dimensions within the universe. It exists on a 'lower level' than 'realspace', effectively anchoring spacetime in realspace. It is not one contiguous dimenision, but a possibly infinite layers of dimensions residing within each other. Subspace exists on a 'smaller' conceptual level than realspace, which means the speed of light travels relatively faster in subspace. Studies of subspace are usually in terms of practical matters, such as communication and transportation. The 'primary subspace' that is most commonly referred to is the layer closest to realspace, and is where Hyperspace exists. The main use for subspace outside of hyperlanes is that of communication, as lightspeed communication signals traverse nearly-instantly in the dimension when translated to realspace.

Wormholes exist as tears in the fabric of spacetime, cutting a hole directly through subspace. This allows for instant traversal between two vastly distant points. The ancient Gateway network also exists within subspace, with the Gateways themselves acting as entry and exit points. While dangerous, it is possible for spacecraft to traverse subspace directly in order to bypass hyperlanes. This is most often used by exploratory vessels or ships attempting to disengage from combat. Although it bypasses the usual restrictions on hyperlanes, subspace travel is also slower and runs the risk of damage on spacecraft.

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