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Pasharti Absorbers

The Pasharti Absorbers are an interstellar government organised as an elective monarchy. Its capital is the tundra world of Taralon, located in the Akkanar System, where the necroid Jeferi evolved. Experiments on the then-pre-sapient Pasharti by the Jeferi gave the former the ability to absorb other species, converting individuals into Pasharti. The Jeferi lost control of the planet, and the Pasharti came to rule. The population of the Pasharti Absorbers are notable for their extreme distrust and hatred for outsiders, as well as their militarism. The Pasharti Absorbers are ruled by a Dreadlord, a royal position that is elected by the elite upon the death of the predecessor. The Pasharti Absorbers employ reanimators - those who are capable of necromancy - in order to create massive undead armies to invade foreign worlds. The government and political system of the Absorbers is cutthroat, with backroom deals and schemes par for the course. Diplomatically, the Pasharti Absorbers are somewhat of a pariah, primarily due to their goal of converting all life in the galaxy into Pasharti.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
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