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Commonwealth of Man

The Commonwealth of Man, commonly known as the Commonwealth, is an interstellar government organised as a military dictatorship. The primary population of the Commonwealth are Humans, who evolved on Earth. The population of the Commonwealth is notable for its intense militarism and distrust of foreign influences. The Commonwealth is a military dictatorship, ruled by a Grand Marshal who is elected for life. The admiralty holds particularly strong political influence in the Commonwealth, and its society is permeated by a strong sense of national pride. Diplomatically, the Commonwealth considers Humans the undisputed rulers of the galaxy, and aggressively expands its borders in order to accomplish this.

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Ulysses Initiative

The history of the Commonwealth began on the planet Earth, in the latter half of the 21st century (UNE standard calendar). With increasing levels of climate change and political instability, the planet was in general chaos compared to the relative stability of the early 21st century. In 2082 CE, a distortion was identified at the edge of the Sol System's Kuiper Belt. Upon closer examination by unmanned probes, the distortion was revealed to be a wormhole. Further probes sent through the wormhole itself identified strong evidence of a habitable planet on the other side. Despite the global instability, the United Nations and the International Space Agency launched the Ulysses Initiative. Six great ark ships were constructed over the following decade, and 1.5 million colonists were selected.

In 2095 CE, the six ark ships, each carrying a quarter million colonists each, were launched from low-Earth orbit. The colonists were cryogenically frozen while the command crew piloted the ships through the wormhole. However, on the other side of the wormhole, only one ship reached its intended destination. Ark Ship Chrysantheum (ISA-05) arrived in the Deneb System, touching down at its intended destination of Deneb IIb, which was named Unity.

Deneb IIb

The early days of the Chrysantheum colony were haphazard. The 250,000 colonists were left without many resources that were onboard the five missing colony ships, which included many critical infrastructure supplies. Despite this, the colonists were able to ration their resources to create a self-sustaining colony on the planet. A city was constructed around the landed Chrusantheum, named Unity Prime, and the population rapidly expanded through aggressive population planning. Throughout its century of isolation, it achieved a remarkable average population growth rate of 6% per year.

Denebian Conflicts

However, the Human colonists quickly discovered that they were not alone on Unity. They soon came into contact with an intelligent species, Iron Age reptilians they called the Denebians. The Denebians had divided the planet into a large number of feudal realms, not unlike a millennia prior on Earth. Even before communications had been established by the Unity Prime government and local kings, outlying Human settlements and explorers had come into conflict with the Denebians. Sizable numbers of colonists had seized various Denebian settlements by force using their vastly superior technology, and in some cases had perpetrated massacres.

These annexations and massacres significantly marred initial diplomatic relations between Unity Prime and the Denebians. Although other Denebian kings were happy to see their rivals eliminated, they understood the grave danger that highly advanced conquerers posed. Throughout the first several years of contact, simple communications were established between the two species, but no translations were made. When several agricultural areas around Unity Prime experienced a crop failure in 2097 CE, the Denebians refused to provide food to the Humans. In response, various 'colonial militias' were formed by frontier settlers, who raided and massacred any Denebian settlements they came across. In response, a coalition of Denebian feudal lords assembled large hosts, and marched into Human territory, killing anyone they came across.

Word of these massacres reached Unity Prime, which organised its military units to fight off the Denebians. While the Denebians enjoyed a massive numerical advantage, the Humans had a clear technological edge. Although they lacked the war machines of Earth, Human military units refitted all-terrain vehicles, drones, and helicopters with ballistic weapons and missiles. Between their superior firepower, mobility, and communications, the Humans utterly devastated the Denebians. However, they didn't stop with just the armies. The Humans swarmed into nearby kingdoms, massacring every Denebian they could find, and securing their resources.

Unity Emergency Government

By 2101 CE, six years after planetfall, millions of Denebians had been killed, either by Unity Prime's military actions, Human citizen militia, or famine caused by the firebombing of food supplies. Despite this, there were still attempts to make peace with the Denebians. The Captain of the Chrysantheum, who had been leading the colony, attempted on numerous occasions to defuse tensions between the species. However, during one of his peace negotiations, his party was ambushed and massacred by a large force of Denebians. With the captain and numerous high-ranking officers dead, the Deputy Head of Security, Raul Valdez assumed command of the colony. Although there were several non-security officers technically ahead of the Deputy in the line of succession, the backing of the colony's security forces guaranteed his position as leader.

In response to the killing of the captain and command crew, Valdez declared an Emergency Government. Backed by the colony's security forces, he was given unlimited power to ensure the safety of the Human population on Unity. This was a move largely supported by the colonists, who were increasingly beleagured by Denebian raids deep into Human territory. Valdez also formalised the creation of colonial militias, as well as professional military units. He was supported by Jayadeva Upalekar, a retired general that had served in the Indian Army on Earth for most of his life. As such, General Upalekar was made head of the newly-established Colonial Marines.

Denebian Pacification Campaign

Later that year, Unity Prime had faced several major setbacks in its campaign against the Denebians. Its working population had been reduced through violence, disease, starvation, and accidents, while the youngest children of the colony were still too young to noticably help. In addition, the majority of Denebian society had unified against Unity Prime, and a major war looked to be on the horizon - one the colonists could ill afford. However, Human reconnaissance had observed a major occurrance in Denebian society. An extremely virulent and deadly disease had begun sweeping through the population, beginning in areas closest to Human settlement. As Denebian society was highly connected through trade, the disease had already spread to much of the planet by the time it was noticed by Human researchers. Upon examination of deceased Denebians, it was discovered that the disease was a heavily mutated variant of the Human viral infection known as the Common Cold. Humans were evidently unable to be infected by this mutated virus, which had adapted to Denebian physiology.

Over the following decades, Denebian society collapsed as millions died. Although records provided by the Commonwealth of Man are heavily redacted, the United Nations of Earth's Pre-FTL Protection Agency estimates that half of the Denebian population, or approximately 100 million individuals, were killed by this virus during the period 2100-2120 CE. This was coupled with several particularly bad global droughts, which were estimated to have killed another 40 million individuals through famine during that same timeframe. With the majority of their population dead, the Denebians were unable to resist Human expansion into previously strongly-held territory. A large number of Denebians attempted to hold a major religious site in 2124 CE, but were massacred by Human forces, along with the civilians present.

By 2140 CE, it is estimated that over 99% of the Denebian population had died. All that remained of their civilization were isolated holdouts and the stone buildings they had left behind, many of which were razed by the Unity Prime colony in order to construct new buildings. Most of the records surrounding the Denebian Pacification Campaign (named by the Commonwealth, referred to as the Denebian Genocide by many scholars and politicians within the UNE) were sealed, and individuals involved in the campaigns took oaths of silence. Due to this, it is difficult to acquire specific information about this period of Commonwealth history.

Post-Denebian Unity

As the Denebian threat to the colony began to lessen, the Emergency Government because less sustainable. However, due to its success in defending the colonists and allowing them to claim Unity as their own world, the military government was viewed very favourably by the population. In 2138 CE, a large number of generals, aspiring politicians, intellectuals, landholders, and business interests assembled with Acting Captain Raul Valdez to discuss the future political situation of the colony. The first generation of Unity-born Humans had come of age, and the second generation were being born at the time, so the question of what the Unity Prime colony was to be was a serious one. Although there was a minority that favoured a democratic system similar to the one the United Nations had been attempting on Earth, the majority favoured an autocratic system. Raul Valdez was made into the Grand Marshal of the Commonwealth of Man, and an advisory council was established to support him.

In the latter half of the 22nd century, the Commonwealth experienced exponential population growth, expanding to cover most of Unity. While simple rockets had launched satellites since the earliest days of the colony, manned spaceflight took off around 2150 CE. Mining stations were established over New Luna, the Deneb Belt, and several other planets within the system, while Jackson's Planet became home to a major engineering research facility.

The Commonwealth developed its first hyper drive in 2207, commissioning the science ship CNS Pathfinder as the first manned hyperspace-capable ship.

Ad astra per aspera

Founding Date
2096 CE (Unity Prime Colony)
2101 CE (Unity Emergency Government)
2138 CE (Commonwealth of Man)
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Commonwealth, CoM
Commonwealth Citizen
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Species


Neither friends nor enemies, the UNE and Commonwealth find common ground in their shared humanity and opposition of the expansionist Tzynn Empire. Beyond that, they have little reason to approve of each other. The UNE is especially critical of the slavery policy of the Commonwealth, as well as its stated goal of galactic domination.

Articles under Commonwealth of Man

  • 2082 CE
    Kuiper Belt Wormhole Discovered
    Discovery, Scientific

    A wormhole is discovered at the edge of the Kuiper Belt. International Space Agency probes discover the presence of a habitable, Earth-like world on the other side, and the Ulysses Initiative is formed to send a manned expedition through.

    Kuiper Belt
  • 2095 CE
    Ulysses Initiative is Launched

    Six great ark ships are launched through a wormhole in the Kuiper Belt. After 387 days the ships pass through the wormhole, but contact is lost as the wormhole closes behind them. The Ulysses Disaster sets back extrasolar expeditions by years.

    Kuiper Belt
  • 2096 CE
    Chrysantheum Lands on Deneb IIb
    Population Migration / Travel

    The ark ship Chrysantheum (ISA-05) lands on the habitable moon of Deneb IIb. With the other ark ships missing, the 250,000 colonists attempt to create a self-sufficient colony, naming their new home Unity.

  • 2096 CE
    Denebian Conflicts
    Military action

    The Human colonists discover the existence of an Iron Age alien species which they call the Denebians. Conflicts erupt between the native inhabitants and the colonists over land and resources, which escalate over time.

  • 2101 CE
    Unity Emergency Government
    Political event

    When the Captain of the Chrysantheum is killed by Denebians during peace negotiations, Deputy Head of Security Raul Valdez assumes command as Acting Captain with the aid of security forces.

    Unity Prime
  • 2101-2141 CE
    Denebian Pacification Campaign
    Military action

    Human colonists engage in a decades-long campaign to eliminate the native Denebian population of Unity. Through warfare, disease, and starvation, over 99% of the Denebian population has died by 2141 CE, when the campaign is officially declared to be concluded.

  • 2138 CE
    Unity Declaration

    The Human colonists of Unity form a military government in order to lead them, naming it the Commonwealth of Man.

    Unity Prime
  • 2207 CE
    Hyper Drive Developed
    Technological achievement

    After years of research, the first hyper drives are developed. Unmanned, hyper-drive equipped probes are sent through Deneb's hyperlanes to scout nearby systems for threats.

  • 2207 CE
    CNS Pathfinder Launched
    Technological achievement

    The first manned hyperspace-capable ship, the science ship CNS Pathfinder, is launched from the Deneb Station shipyard.

    Deneb Station
  • 2215 CE
    Hyacinth Discovered

    The CNS Pathfinder discovers the wreckage of the Hyacinth (ISA-06), derelict over a gas giant. The crew and passengers are dead, and the ship is towed to orbit over Unity to act as a museum.

  • 2228-2229 CE
    Commonwealth-Xanid First Contact War
    Military: War

    The Commonwealth of Man and Xanid Suzerainty both discover each other as the first sign of intelligent spacefaring life. A series of escalations by their respective navies explodes into a full-blown war, the result of which is a stalemate when official contact is made.

  • 2237 CE
    Earth-Commonwealth First Contact
    Discovery, Exploration

    The United Nations of Earth and the Commonwealth of Man re-establish contact for the first time since the departure of the Ulysses Initative in 2095 CE.

  • 2250 CE
    Commonwealth Joins the Galactic Community
    Diplomatic action

    Several months after its creation, the Commonwealth of Man joins the Galactic Community.

  • 2268-2270 CE
    Commonwealth-Ix'Idar War
    Military: War

    Seeing an opportunity to seize planets from what they view as an inferior life-form, the Commonwealth of Man moves into several Ix'Idar systems. However, they are unprepared for the technological prowess of the hive mind, and suffer several disasterous defeats. The war ends with the Commonwealth taking a handful of border systems at a heavy cost.

  • 2293-2294 CE
    Second Commonwealth-Xanid War
    Military: War

    With much of the Xanid fleet engaging the Interstellar Concord, the Commonwealth of Man launches a surprise invasion into their lightly-defended rear flank. Caught between the Roccan and Commonwealth fleets, the Xanid lose multiple systems to the Commonwealth in the eventual peace treaty.


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