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Denebians were a species of sapient bipedal reptilians that originated on the continental world of Unity. Denebians as a species were wiped out by 2140 CE due to a combination of disease, warfare, and famine, all brought on them by the Commonwealth of Man. Due to their extinction, reassembling records of their physiology and society has proved difficult. Commonwealth authorities have also proven unwilling to open sealed records of the Denebian Pacification Campaign, which further limits their study.

Based on what little information could be gathered, the Denebians were a docile species, and their leaders often found their subjects compliant. They were also communal, living in close proximity to each other. It is also believed that Denebians took care of their environment, practicing early forms of resource management and minimising waste. Although they were somewhat docile, Denebians displayed a remarkable willingness to challenge authority and entrenched thought. In addition, Denebians had little issue assembling into armies and waging war on each other, which was common across their world.

Denebian society was upheaved in 2095 CE, when Human colonists from the ark ship Chrysantheum landed on their world. Conflict broke out between the two species, and ultimately, the Human technological edge won out over the Denebian population advantage. A plague derived from a common human infection killed over half of all Denebians planet-wide by 2120 CE, and a fifth of the population had died from famine by that same time. By 2140 CE, the only Denebian survivors lived in small groups that were eventually wiped out by the Commonwealth Colonial Marines. It is believed that the last Denebian died some time in the 2170s CE.
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