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Unity (also called Deneb IIb) is a habitable continental world and the capital of the Commonwealth of Man. The moon is the second and largest moon of the gas giant Olympus, around which it orbits. It has five large continents, large oceans, and a number of smaller island chains. Unity experiences variances of precipitation by latitude and region, which have caused a number of ecologically diverse biomes to emerge. Significant urban sprawl is present on the moon, though much more limited in scope compared to other capital worlds. A large orbital ring was constructed around Unity in the early 2300s CE, which now serves as additional habitation, shipyards, and planetary defences.

Unity was originally home to a reptilian species called the Denebians that had achieved an Iron Age level of development. Human colonists arrived from the Sol System via unstable wormhole in 2095 CE, and quickly colonised the moon. Decades of war between the two saw the technologically inferior Denebians completely wiped out in the 2140s CE. Since then, Unity has become the most important world in the expansive Commonwealth of Man.

The largest city on Unity is that of Unity Prime, which houses critical government installations such as the Grand Marshal's residence, Admiralty Hall, and the Commonwealth Colonial Council. It is also home to the permanently landed Chrysantheum, which carried the original 250,000 colonists to the planet and has since been converted into a museum.

Large sections of the planet are set aside for military purposes, including academies, training facilities, shipyards, and planetary defences. The Jayadeva Upalekar Military Academy, located on Unity, is considered one of the most prestigious in the galaxy. The remainder of the planet is partially urban sprawl, but has a higher percentage of rural or semi-rural inhabitation than most capital worlds.
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Deneb IIb, New Earth
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