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Unity Prime

Unity Prime is the capital of the Commonwealth of Man, located on the moon of Unity. With a population of 7.8 million (as of 2356 CE), the city is the largest on Unity. Located at the mouth of the Zheng He River, the city is within a temperate forested region well-suited for Human habitation. The city was founded by the original colonists of the ark ship Chrysantheum, which landed on Deneb IIb in 2095 CE. Archaeological evidence does not indicate that the site of the city was permanently inhabited by Denebians at any point, but concerns have been raised over the censorship by Commonwealth authorities over the issue.

The city itself is divided into a number of districts, and generally follows a pre-planned model. The Capital District and Embassy District are restricted to authorised personnel only, and non-Humans are subject to additional security checks while in the city. Admiralty Hall is the centrepiece of the city, as the residence of the Grand Marshal, and the headquarters of the Commonwealth Fleet. Political decisions are made in the Commonwealth Colonial Council, but they typically amount to little more than approving the directives of the Grand Marshal. The most prominent district of the city is the Business District, which is dominated by massive skyscrapers and offices.

Each year, the Commonwealth Colonial Navy holds a military parade over the city. It celebrates the history and power of the Commonwealth, and is typically used by the Grand Marshal to announce new policies for the coming year. It is accompanied by a parade of the Commonwealth Colonial Marines through the Business District.
Founding Date
2095 CE
Alternative Name(s)
Chrysantheum Colony
7.8 million
Location under
Owning Organization


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