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A colonist is a worker profession involved in the settling of previously uninhabited worlds, and making them suitable for large-scale, long-term inhabitation. Every spacefaring society has a history of colonisation on their own planet, but the difficulties involved in settling an alien planet are significantly more challenging. Unlike the pioneers of old, modern colonists require extensive education and training before they can safely begin colonisation. Colonists are expected to act as explorers, engineers, farmers, soldiers, and medics, sometimes multiple at the same time. Despite the challenges involved in settling a new world, or perhaps because of them, the announcement of new colonies draws millions of applicants, even in the most sedentary of species.

Regardless of the planet type, the process of colonisation has become fairly standardised across the nations of the galaxy. A prospective planet will be surveyed, and potential sites for an initial colony discussed. Small-scale survey teams are dispatched to these sites to determine their viability, as well as the presence of local hazards and opporunities. Once a site is selected, the candidate colonists will be trained in a wide variety of fields, and a large colony ship will be constructed to ferry them. Colony ships are designed to land on a planet's surface, and are quickly converted into the initial point from which a colony is established. Even if outside conditions are hostile, the colony ship will protect its inhabitants. After the ship has landed, colonists use pre-fabricated buildings to set up their initial settlement. One of the most immediate priorities is establishing a sustainable source of food before the colony ship's supply runs out. Although problematic for a colony, food can be resupplied by shipments from other worlds via spacecraft, so this issue has become less serious over time.

Once the initial colony is established, the main goal for the colonists is to create a self-sustaining base from which new migrants can freely expand. The process of establishing this initial colony usually takes about two to three years before it can become viable for large-scale migration and construction projects.
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