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Earth is a habitable continental world, notable for being the homeworld of Humans and the capital of the United Nations of Earth. It has seven large continents, six of which have major settlements, and the seventh having minor settlements. The planet has large oceans, which expanded in the 21st century CE due to climate change, but were lowered in the 23rd century CE with the use of small-scale terraforming. Earth experiences great variances of precipitation by latitude and region, which have caused a number of ecologically diverse biomes to emerge. Much of the planet is covered in urban sprawl, and is host to a population of approximately eleven billion. The population is primarily Human, but there are sizable minorities of other species. A large orbital ring was constructed around the planet in the 2270s CE, which now serves as additional habitation, shipyards, and planetary defences.

Much of Earth's population lives in megacities, such as the BosWash Metropolitan Axis or the Pearl River Agglomerate. Significant portions of the planet are set aside for agricultural purposes, such as the Saharan Irrigation Project in northern Africa, and smaller parts for mining. Outside of urban areas and agricultural sectors, large parts of Earth are designated as natural sanctuaries or national parks. Earth's climate, once increasingly hostile due to climate change, is now managed by the Federal Government of Earth through climate control technology to minimise natural disasters and maximise climates suitable for Humans.

Earth is governed by the Federal Government of Earth, which was established in 2131 CE by the New York Conference. The planet is divided into hundreds of individual nations, all of which are subordinate to the Federal Government. However, each nation is permitted to manage its own laws, so long as they remain in line with the standards set by the Constitution of the United Nations of Earth. As such, there are many different cultures still present on Earth, which is unique among most species' homeworlds.

As the capital of the United Nations of Earth, Earth is home to many of its government institutions and bureaucratic apparatus. The UNE itself is headquartered in the United Nations Complex in the BosWash Metropolitan Axis, while the President resides in Geneva. Residents of Earth have easy access to repli-complexes, cyto-revitalization centers, hyper-entertainment forums, and commerce megaplexes, and public transport is free planetwide. The wealthy and influential of Earth live in various paradise domes across the planet, while average residents tend to live in urban areas. Regardless of wealth, basic amenities on Earth are free to everyone, such as basic housing, sustenance, transportation, healthcare, and access to services. Earth is also notable as a major financial and science hub, hosting many large corporations and research institutes.
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Jul 20, 2023 08:51

wow can't believe earth has grown over these 200 years by 2211 earth became a prosperous thriving world home to a Spacefaring civilization that was once a Primitive society divided into Nation-States and warring alliances now a prosperous spacefaring society with advanced technology.