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BosWash Metropolitan Axis

The BosWash Metropolitan Axis (BWMA) is a megalopolis located within the nation of the United States of America on the planet Earth. It is home to over 60 million residents, and is the capital of the United States. Many of the most important institutions of the United Nations of Earth are present within the BWMA, such as the United Nations Complex. As such, it is considered by many to be the political hub of the United Nations of Earth. In addition, the BWMA is also a major galactic financial hub, hosting the New York Stock Exchange, which is responsible for a sizable amount of UNE financial activity.
Founding Date
1630 CE (Boston)
1624 CE (New York City)
1682 CE (Philadelphia)
1790 CE (Washington, D.C.)
2113 CE (BosWash Metropolitan Axis)
Alternative Name(s)
Northeast Megalopolis, Greater New York
60+ million
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
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