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United Nations Complex

The United Nations Complex (also known as the Headquarters of the United Nations) is a multibuilding governmental complex that serves as the primary centre of government for the United Nations of Earth. It is located in the Manhattan district of New York City, part of the BosWash Metropolitan Axis in the United States of America on the planet Earth. Originally constructed in 1952 CE, the complex has served as the headquarters of the United Nations, and later the United Nations of Earth, for over four centuries. The complex has a number of buildings, including the Secretariat Building, the General Assembly Building, the Conference Building, the Kofi Annan Building, and the Dag Hammarskjöld Library.

The UN Complex's primary role is to serve as the meeting place of the United Nations General Assembly, where it debates and votes on matters affecting the United Nations of Earth. They are hosted in the General Assembly building, which has expanded greatly since its original construction in order to house well over two thousand representatives. The Secretary-General occupies the Secretariat Building, while representatives have their staff and offices in either the Kofi Annan Building, or nearby buildings in Manhattan. Several shuttle landing pads are submerged in the East River, and extend upwards when needed. The Secretary-General has access to a high-speed transport system underneath the BosWash Metropolitan Axis, connecting directly to several other major UN installations in the northeastern United States.
Founding Date
1952 CE
Alternative Names
Headquarters of the United Nations
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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