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Galactic Community

The Galactic Community (GC) is a pan-galactic intergovernmental organisation intended to further diplomacy and understanding between nations. Formed in 2250 CE, the Galactic Community does not have a fixed headquarters, but instead rotates every six years between different national capitals. While primarily existing to promote peace and diplomacy between its members, the Galactic Community has the power to set legally binding laws over its members, following a four-year voting period and simple majority vote. The weighting of the votes in the Galactic Community is incredibly complicated, and an independent commission determines how many votes each member nation receives, based on economic, military, scientific, and population metrics. The vast majority of spacefaring nations in the galaxy are members of the Galactic Community, aside from a number of extremely hostile polities, the ancient stagnant ascendencies, and the enclaves.


The concept of a Galactic Community was first envisioned in the mid 2240s by diplomats in the United Nations of Earth, the Scyldari Confederacy, and the Glebsig Foundation. Due to the number of what were perceived as 'unnecessary' conflicts emerging throughout the galaxy, an international organisation dedicated to peace and diplomacy was deemed as desirable. In 2249 CE, negotiations began between most of the discovered nations of the galaxy, and the basis for the galactic community was formed. Although the original intent of preserving galactic peace could not be achieved, every signatory state agreed to abide by any rules, laws, or regulations passed by majority vote through a Galactic Community.

On 17 May, 2250 CE, the first Galactic Community session opened in a specially-constructed complex on Scyldaria. While chaotic and rife with accusations of corruption and fraud, it proved to be a major success, and led to the opening of relations between dozens of nations. The nomination of Earth as the second host for the Galactic Community proved to be controversial, with the Tzynn Empire threatening to quit the Galactic Community. However, they were placated by a guarantee that they would receive the third hosting on Tzynnia immediately following the second session.
Founding Date
2250 CE
Political, International


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