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Human Development Group

The Human Development Group is the sole legal political entity that exists within the Commonwealth of Man. Founded in 2167 CE, it is responsible for disseminating the state ideology of the Commonwealth, ensuring loyalty, and the mobilisation of citizens for state goals. Membership of the HDG is limited to Human citizens of the Commonwealth, and confers various benefits.

It is led by a Premier, who is the same individual as the Grand Marshal of the Commonwealth, but most political decisions are made by the Central Executive Committee (CEC). The CEC is officiated by the Secretariat, which is comprised of important commanders and officials within the Commonwealth government. The CEC is formed by a combination of military branch representatives (60%) and planetary HDG Committee members (40%), and they vote on topics brought forward by the Secretariat. In practice, the CEC acts as a rubber stamp for the agenda of the Secretariat and the Premier. Although disagreement is permitted by members of the CEC, who are allowed to bring concerns to the Secretariat, the Committee has no real power. The Premier has the ability to veto or pass any items on the agenda at their discretion, but this power is rarely used.

The purpose of the Human Development Group is primarily to disseminate the Commonwealth of Man's state ideology of human supremacy, military expansionism, and service to the state. It does this through its oversight of state and private media, cooperation with influential individuals like business leaders or celebrities, rallies, and education-based efforts. Membership in the HDG, while not mandatory, is encouraged by the state. In order to join, the applicant must be at least 16 standard years old, be a Human, be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Man, and not hold any other citizenships (unless a waiver is granted). The application process is lengthy, with the applicant's political history being closely examined. Prior military service fast-tracks this process from months to days.

All political figures in the Commonwealth are members of the Human Development Group, as are many influential private citizens. Officially, membership grants a number of benefits: easier access to state loans, priority access to land appropriated from xenos, access to well-paying political jobs, and the potential to influence politics. Unofficially, members are treated with a lighter hand by law enforcement.
Founding Date
2167 CE
Political, Faction / Party
Parent Organization


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