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Tebrid Homolog

The Tebrid Homolog is a major interstellar catalog index. Its capital is the ocean world of Tebir, located in the Tebiron System, where the molluscoid Tebir originally created the Homolog machine intelligence. The Tebrid Homolog's central core is called Assimilator Nexus, and it remotely manages the drones - both machine and biological - of the intelligence. The Homolog were created by the Tebir in order to aid with research, but ended up assimilating them into their consciousness to further their software evolution. The Tebrid Homolog now seeks to assimilate all organic life in the galaxy. Diplomatically, the Tebrid Homolog is highly aggressive, often invading worlds to assimilate their populations. However, they are more conciliatory with machine intelligences or synthetics.
Exotic, Gestalt Consciousness
Government System
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