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Kingdom of Yondarim

The Kingdom of Yondarim is a major interstellar government organised as a divine empire. Its capital is Yondarim, located in the B'Yond System. The primary population are Yondar, an avian species that evolved on the alpine world of Yondarim. The population of the Kingdom of Yondarim are notable for their highly spiritual society, as well as its hierarchical structure. The Kingdom of Yondarim is comprised of a number of Sky Clans, which are ruled by a High King and landed nobility. The Kingdom as a whole is ruled by the God-Emperor, who is worshipped as a deity by the population, and succeeded by a Saint. Diplomatically, the Kingdom of Yondarim aggressively expands its territory and spreads its faith to other polities, typically through the use of military force.


Prior to the development of urban areas, Yondar formed migrating flocks called Sky Clans. Sky Clans placed great importance on their elders, and they all developed strong religious traditions. When agriculture was developed and cities began to appear, these Sky Clans became the basis of government across the entire planet. As the Yondar progressed through the ages, Sky Clans merged and split, but overall there became fewer over time. The ones that survived did so by adapting their religious traditions to suit their geographic and political environment, even if the traditions were held firmly.

The current ruling Sky Clan of the Kingdom of Yondarim is simply called the Imperial Dynasty, as its original name has been lost. The mythical founder of the Imperial Dynasty is Koriik, who allegedly took the throne in 1254 BCE, but the first recorded emperor was L'Krami, who ascended to the throne in 402 CE. Over the centuries, the currently ruling Imperial Dynasty managed to subsume many of the other Sky Clans across Yondarim. During the 17th century CE, the Imperial Dynasty declared that the ruling monarch was a God-Emperor, deserving of worship as a god, and retroactively created a pantheon of the previous emperors. It must be noted that this statement is illegal within the Kingdom of Yondarim, which claims all emperors have always been deities.

In 1854 CE, the new God-Emperor S'Porak was alleged to use his "divine power" to convince the leaders of all the Sky Clans to submit to his authority as a living god. Based on the now-understood Yondar psionic potential, it is believed that S'Porak possessed this power. It is believed that the bloodline of the Imperial Dynasty possesses a significantly higher than average psionic potential, even compared to other Yondar. Gradually, the faiths of the Sky Clans were subsumed into the imperial faith, until the entire planet shared a single state religion. The first Yondar reached orbit in 2110 CE, and the hyper drive was successfully developed in 2200 CE.
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