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Psionics is the practice and study of utilising mental energy to create physical effects on the world. While ancient tales of beings capable of lifting objects with their minds or reading the thoughts of others are present in many current galactic civilisations, conclusive evidence as to the existence of psionics was not discovered until the late 23rd century. Even today, there are many debates as to the exact nature of what psionics represent, and what the field really is.

Most biological species in the galaxy are known to possess latent psionic potential. Hive minded species do not appear to be capable of psionics, nor do machines. Psionic abilities have also never been observed appearing naturally, only appearing after a concerted effort to cause their emergence. The Kingdom of Yondarim was the first major spacefaring polity to discover psionic theory, and has led the way in psionic research.

All individuals with psionic abilities have a connection to a realm of psionic energy called the Shroud. This alternate dimension is a physical, metaphorical, metaphysical, and mental place, and psionic individuals use the energies within to power their own Psi abilities.

Psi Abilities

Individuals with psionic abilities tend to first display them in childhood, but their appearing post-adolescence is not unheard of. Those with Psi abilities manifest them differently, but the most common power is that of telepathy. Individuals with telepathy are able to communicate mentally with others nearby, sharing thoughts and feelings. They are also able to sense the 'souls', for lack of a better term, of nearby biological entities. This has reaffirmed the belief of many spiritualist leaders throughout the galaxy that machines fundamentally cannot be 'alive', but this continues to be challenged by materialists and synthetics alike.

While most psionic individuals display little more than basic telepathy, some are capable of more powerful feats. Estimates vary, but most place the number of individuals with this capability in the single digit percentages of any psionic society. With training, they are able to harness their power more acutely. Abilities such as mind-reading, telekinesis, precognition, superior reflexes, and even the ability to project psionic shields have been observed.
Metaphysical, Psychic
Known Abilities
Memory Alteration
Telepathic Communication
Sensing Biological Entities
Superior Reflexes
Barrier Generation

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