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Ix'Idar Star Collective

The Ix'Idar Star Collective is a major interstellar collective consciousness. Its capital is the arctic world of Ix'Athrak, located in the Athrak System, where the arthropoid Ix'Idar evolved. The Ix'Idar hive mind is understood to be centrally controlled (or at least represented) by a central intelligence called Xid'Ixa'Xir'Idon, but also has a number of more autonomous drones. The drones of the hive mind frequently share knowledge directly with each other, bypassing the central intelligence, and can cluster together to provide significant increases in brainpower. Diplomatically, the Ix'Idar Star Collective has expressed its primary desire is the propagation of its species, and given room to expand, does not often engage in hostilities. However, the Star Collective has been known to target worlds already occupied by other sapient species when feeling boxed-in.


The history of the Ix'Idar Star Collective, being a hive-minded species, is the same as that of the Ix'Idar itself. The collective consciousness first emerged in the deep subterranean cave networks of Ix'Athrak, spending hundreds of thousands of years cut off from the surface. It wasn't until the species achieved an Iron Age level of development that they possessed the tools necessary to tunnel their way to the cold surface of Ix'Athrak. Based on historical accounts from Ix'Idar drones in the Galactic Community, it is believed that the Ix'Idar breached the surface some time during the 16th century CE.

Once on the surface, the Ix'Idar experienced an extremely rapid technological development compared to the non-hive species of the galaxy. Clustered drones created exponential increases in intelligence, thanks to natural quirks of the hive mind's biology. Despite the rapid expansion of the hive onto the surface of Ix'Athrak, it generally maintained the planet's ecosystem. In order to support massive increases in drone population, industrial agriculture was developed as the preferred method of sustenance for drones, rather than hunting and gathering or small-scale farming. In order to maintain control over its vast network of drones, the Ix'Idar hive created a number of autonomous drones empowered with limited free thought, capable of directing local drones more efficiently than the central hive.

The first Ix'Idar spaceflight took place in the late 21st century, when probes were launched into Ix'Athrak orbit. Later that century, probes were dispatched to other celestial bodies within the Athrak System, and resource harvesting operations began. In order to support their spaceflight capabilities, the Ix'Idar developed astronomy. When the hive discovered the presence of planets around other stars in the galaxy, it developed an urge to expand to the stars. After decades of research, the mind and its autonomous drones developed its first hyper drive in 2200 CE.
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