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Iferyx Amalgamated Fleets

The Iferyx Amalgamated Fleets are an interstellar government organised as a theocratic republic. Its capital is the tundra world of Iferysia, located in the Iferys System, where the mammalian Iferyssians evolved. The population of the Iferyx Amalgamated Fleets is notable for its egalitarian tenets, as well as its xenophobia and spirituality. The Iferyx Amalgamated Fleets are ruled by a democratically elected Revered Elder, who leads a government advised by a religious council. The political system of the Amalgamated fleets can be dangerous to the uninitated, with plots and even violence commonplace as individuals fight over key government positions. However, behind the scenes, it is believed that a "shadow council" acts to guide the nation, preventing the individualistic tendencies of the Iferyssians from threatening their autonomy in the galaxy. Diplomatically, the Iferyx Amalgamated Fleets aggressively seek out new sources of resouces, but tend to avoid antagonising more powerful nations.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
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