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Sathyrelian Bliss

The Sathyrelian Bliss is an interstellar government organised as an irenic dictatorship. Its capital is the ocean world of Rilldeep, located in the Ralnair System, where the aquatic Sathyrel evolved. The population of the Sathyrelian Bliss is notable for its strong commitment to pacifism, and its distrust of outsiders. The Sathyrelian Bliss is ruled by a Serene Protector, who is appointed for life by the nation's elders. The Bliss has a very large aquatic agriculture industry, which also supports a large number of pearl divers - the output of which has proven to be very popular across the galaxy. The Sathyrelians are also careful to maintain their environment, employing large numbers of rangers to keep their oceans clean. Diplomatically, the Sathyrelian Bliss keeps out of galactic affairs, rarely engaging in diplomacy or warfare.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
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