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Kilik Cooperative

The Kilik Cooperative is an interstellar government organised as a communal parity. Its capital is the tropical world of Unbroken Medley, located in the First Song System, where the avian Kilik evolved. The population of the Kilik Cooperative is extremely egalitarian, viewing all citizens completely equally, and places an emphasis on science. The Kilik Cooperative is represented by the Chief Harmonizer, who is directly elected by the population. The Cooperative believes in the equitable distribution of resources between all members of society, no matter their station or status. It is also notable for its simple, yet functional architecture. Diplomatically, the Kilik Cooperative seeks to explore the galaxy and cooperate with other interstellar nations.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Controlled Territories
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