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Free Peoples of the Fall

The Free Peoples of the Fall are an interstellar government organised as a representative democracy. Its capital is the continental world of Freedom's Landing, located in the Ikazuri System, where a slave ship owned by Minamar Specialized Industries crash-landed in 2186 CE. The former slaves overpowered their captors, and have since built a society on the planet. The population of the Free Peoples are noted for their devotion to interspecies cooperation and egalitarianism. The Free Peoples of the Fall are led by an elected President, who serves for ten year terms. The society has a reputation throughout the galaxy as a haven for the oppressed and the outcast, and a large percentage of the population are immigrants. In addition, the Free Peoples have become something of a symbol of freedom, especially in defiance against slavery and Minamar Specialized Industries. Diplomatically, the Free Peoples of the Fall engage in diplomacy with like-minded nations, preferring strong diplomatic relations over violence.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories
Related Species


The UNE has given the Free Peoples greatly needed developmental assistance and welcomed them into the Interstellar Concord at the request of the Roccan Resistance. The UNE also opposes MSI, and supports the Free Peoples in their diplomatic campaign to protect pre-FTL societies.


Both victims of Minamar Specialized Industries, the Roccan Resistance and the Free Peoples of the Fall share the same struggle and similar values. They are also both members of the Interstellar Concord.



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