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Rototavuul High Suzerainty

The Rototavuul High Suzerainty is an interstellar government organised as a feudal empire. Its capital is the desert world of Camlann, located in the Logres System, where the toxoid Rototavuul evolved. The population of the Rototavuul High Suzerainty is both militaristic and spiritualist, worshipping an entity referred to as the "Toxic God", and is organised along hierarchical lines. The Rototavuul High Suzerainty is ruled by a hereditary King or Queen, but significant political power is held by a royally-sanctioned military organisation called the Knights of the Toxic God. The High Suzerainty is organised as a feudal society, with an aristocratic elite holding many political positions, titles, and swathes of land, while providing taxes and levies to the monarch. Diplomatically, the foreign policy of the Rototavuul High Suzerainty is to support the Knights of the Toxic God in their quest to find the Toxic God through any means necessary. Aside from this, the High Suzerainty often spreads its beliefs to other nations, occasionally through force.
Founding Date
1319 CE
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Subsidiary Organizations
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