Knights of the Toxic God

The Knights of the Toxic God are a military-religious order dedicated to finding the entity known as the Toxic God. The order was founded in 1322 CE by the first king of the Rototavuul High Suzerainty, in order to track the spaceborne entity that had visited their world. After the development of spaceflight, the Knights constructed a massive habitat in orbit of Camlann, which they now use as their headquarters. According to ancient law, the High Suzerainty is required to give one fifth of its income in both wealth and weapons to the Order.

The leader of the Knights is the Lord Commander, who presides over the organisation from the Order's Keep in the New Reinila Habitat Complex's primary orbital, located above Camlann. New Reinila was originally constructed in the late 22nd century as a replacement for the more primitive space stations that were acting as the order's bases of operations. The habitat complex is under the complete authority of the Knights, and they have extensive land rights throughout the Logres System - referred to as the Order's Demesne.

Initiates to the Order are granted entry at the rank of squire. Squires are assigned to knights, who they serve for a period of time until the knight deems their training to be complete. The duties of squires include the maintenance of arms, armour, and other equipment, preparing and maintaining vehicles, carrying equipment and supplies, defending the knight in battle, accompanying the knight to formal occasions, and if necessary, ensuring an honourable burial should the knight fall in battle. During their training, squires are taught combat techniques, theology, virtues, history, and several other topics. Upon their promotion to knight, they become full and independent members of the Order.

Knights are dispatched from the headquarters in New Reinila to search the galaxy for traces of the Toxic God using whatever means they deem necessary. When not 'questing', knights train their squires or provide their services to the High Suzerainty. During times of war, knights often serve the High Suzerainty as officers in the military, thanks to their extensive experience and training. Knights in the national military are given the special rank of "Knight-Commander". During peacetime, they act as ambassadors to other nations, or travel throughout the High Suzerainty, helping to resolve local problems that commoners or nobles face.
Founding Date
1322 CE
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Order of the Toxic God
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
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