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Blorg Commonality

The Blorg Commonality is an interstellar government organised as a military junta. Its capital is the tropical world of Blorg Prime, located in the Blorg System, where the fungoid Blorg evolved. The population of the Blorg Commonality are best known for their fanatic desire to become friends with others - through force, if need be. The Commonality is ruled by a council of admirals, which elects an Archon as the executive. Despite the Blorg being considered by many to be offputting, they have developed a reputation as a free haven for those with nowhere else to go. Diplomatically, the Blorg Commonality seeks to align itself with every nation it can, but if rebuffed, is not above "forcibly befriending" other nations.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Controlled Territories
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The UNE is unique in holding the status of "best friends" with the Commonality, after the Blorg determined the radio signals they received came from Earth.


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