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Chinorr Combine

The Chinorr Combine is an interstellar government organised as a megacorporation. Its capital is the arid world of Chicora, located in the Chiconaph System, where the molluscoid Chinorr evolved. The population of the Chinorr Combine is heavily materialist, focusing on the pursuit of knowledge, profit, and industry, as well as being willing to engage in conflict. The Board of Directors of the Chinorr Combine elects a Chief Executive Officer every 20 years in order to act as the corporation's executive and head the board. The Combine has made a name for itself in the business of colonising new worlds, offering its services to a large number of independent and government organisations. The corporate structure of the Combine is also known for its ruthless competition, where individuals aggressively vie for promotion. Diplomatically, the Chinorr Combine is willing to go to any lengths to acquire wealth and resources. They engage in diplomacy with militarily equivalent nations, while attacking weaker ones for their wealth.
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