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Gorthikan Alliance

The Gorthikan Alliance is an interstellar government organised as a direct democracy. Its capital is the alpine world of Gorthhold, located in the Unhopeful Lantern System, where the toxoid Gorthikan evolved. The population of the Gorthikan Alliance is notable for its strong adherence to democracy and sapient rights, as well as its love of science and technology - especially genetic engineering. The Gorthikan Alliance is represented by a Chancellor, who is elected directly by the population. Genetic splicing is commonplace in the Alliance, with the population viewing the process as egalitarian and essential to their democracy after the overthrow of what they considered tyranny. The population also engages in ritualistic mutagenic bathing in highly toxic substances, a process considered unappealing by many other species in the galaxy. Gorthikan society permits nothing to go to waste, with salvaging and scrapping being a major industry in the Alliance. Diplomatically, the Gorthikan Alliance prefers to engage in diplomacy and trust-building with other interstellar nations, often protecting smaller societies from expansionist ones.
Geopolitical, Republic
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Democracy, Direct
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The UNE and Gorthikans share a strong commitment to egalitarianism and membership in the Interstellar Concord. The Gorthikans have also aided the UNE in the development of genetic modification.



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